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The Results Are In

It’s been a busy week for our university election candidates with a long, hard week of campaigning, but Thursday night saw all of their hard work finally come to a head when the long awaited election results were announced. It […]


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Shock Factor Theatre

There is performance in a car crash. We can all cover our faces and turn away, but the majority of us will peer at the wreckage through spread fingers and shocked faces. It’s natural, nothing to be ashamed of. In […]

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Fractions or Fires?

Is our education system missing something? We’ve all sat through tedious lessons, chewed gums through algebraic fractions and daydreamed through Dickens. The confines of a stuffy classroom can sometimes be a difficult place to ignite the attention of students, the […]

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Weighing More Than Kilograms

There is a massive problem plaguing our society, and it goes by the name of ‘fat-shaming’. It seems that for some inexplicable reason, some people believe that they get to have a say about other people’s bodies. Gone are the […]