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Facebook Invents New Unit of Time

Facebook just came up with something that you may not expect, and it’s certainly not something you can share or feature on your timeline. A Facebook engineer invented a new unit of time called a Flick, short for frame-tick. A […]


Drought in Cape Town worsens

The mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille, has warned possible visitors and citizens that the city is now ‘very likely’ to run out of water in April. After a two year long drought in South Africa that has seen rain […]



New Year, Who Dis?

January is always an interesting month. In the journalism world it is a time of reflection and more so a time to look ahead, with various publication staff in an array of different newspapers and other outlets trying to predict […]


Changing Your Future

From the age of eight years old I wanted to be an English Teacher in a Secondary School; fast forward to the summer of 2016 and that all changed. This was a change that had the ability to disrupt my […]


Italian Feminism Has Fallen Short

It is difficult to imagine that First World Countries can suffer from issues that seem so old, yet here we are in a world where women’s rights and in turn their safety are being threatened. Between the Trump administration retracting […]


Remembering Cyrille Regis