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RAG Week Turns Ten


Monday 9th November marks the start of the 10th annual RAG week, and it is going to be bigger and better than ever. RAG week was set up to give every student an opportunity to get involved with fundraising, and…

University News

Changing Minds Work Wins Again


Psychologists from the University of Portsmouth have been awarded £290,000 to run a project designed to improve the future of 11-year-olds. The scientists are aiming to help 100 schools from across England as part of a £5 million campaign that…


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Why Are You Always Hiding?

Today was a National Demonstration for Free Education and Grants. It was a peaceful demonstration that had a reported amount of 10,000 students making an example of how a protest, or demonstration, should be done. But, of course, this was…


The Plastic Bag Crisis

The plastic bag crisis of 2015 has taken England by storm. This is worse than piggate, this is worse than Kate Middleton not being seen out, and this is worse than Donald Trump. We are being charged a ridiculous price…


Black History Month


October is a month we use to commemorate the struggle against discrimination: black history month. I believe that the Civil Rights movement was one of the most revolutionary actions that engaged with the public, therefore it should be remembered on…


We Need To Talk About Wellbeing


‘It’s Ok To Not Be Ok’: the University Of Portsmouth’s official stance on mental wellbeing, as from 2015. The motto certainly encaptures a progressive stance towards how we as a society view ourselves and others in regards to mental health….


Hipster Til I Die


Growing up healthy is hard. If the tobacco industry didn’t claim your lungs from the point of adolescence, then the Old Fashioned alcohol manufacturers were surely waiting for you to cut your teeth on the shorts glasses. And then of…


Pompey Destroyers Rampage Southampton in Varsity 2016 Opener

University Sport

Pompey fightback squashed by Sussex

University of Portsmouth 3rd 2
University of Sussex 3rd 3

In football, the University of Portsmouth’s Men’s 3rd team lost 3 – 2 at home to Sussex 3rd team in a physical game at Langstone. Sussex were three goals to the good at half time, although Pompey almost pulled off an unlikely comeback after scoring…