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Terrace Owner Admits Grooming Girls

Danny Taylor-Foote, owner of the Terrace hairdressers, has admitted four counts of inciting two under-age girls into sexual activity. The incidents began when he was co-organising an under 18s event called ‘Rekless’ at the Pure nightclub in Guildhall Walk. Taylor-Foote…


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Hyde Park 2014: A Delusional Day?

Harry P 420 Hyde Park 2

The thick, pungent odour of cannabis found its home wafting up my nostrils on a stuffed train shooting like a bullet blood-cell across the veining tracks of a tattooed countryside, heading directly for London Victoria. All normal passengers go about…


Witch House Haunter

One aspect of our endless lives of pitiful toil and lack of gratuity is that technology has changed is communication. Whether it has made us into touchscreen tapping fools, bleeding our hearts out in a mere 140 characters, or into…


Student Public Divide


As a humanities/arts student, whichever my degree falls under, I’ve been led to understand that I’m involved in some Orwellian Technocratic vision. When I step into ‘the real world,’ as my employed friends describe it, I’ll have a potentially lower…


Vaporwave Tsunami

Blank Banshee - Blank Banshee 1 - FREE WALLPAPER√√√

Startup symphonies and shutdown sonnets, we obey the idiosyncrasies of electronic logic. Battery life dictates our daily activities and camera quality controls our memories. Spellcheck and calculate, the mentors of our work. We put our faith into the lines of…


Varsity 2015