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Student Protests Are Futile

On January 12th student doctors across England went on strike against the proposed increase to ‘longer working hours’ for junior doctors, which would see shifts starting at 7am and ending at 10pm Monday-Friday, and 7am – 10pm Saturday. This contract […]


And An Unrealistic New Year


I cannot stand New Year’s Resolutions (unlike most, who simply cannot stand when they make their New Year’s Resolutions). Year after year we make unrealistic promises to ourselves that we know we will never keep, and blindly kid ourselves that […]


The Plastic Bag Crisis

The plastic bag crisis of 2015 has taken England by storm. This is worse than piggate, this is worse than Kate Middleton not being seen out, and this is worse than Donald Trump. We are being charged a ridiculous price […]


The Changing Face of Doping