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Late Night America Gets Political

Late night hosts across the Pond in America have never really been ones to shy away from the events of the world, making their feelings known and being famous for their no-nonsense attitude towards them. Given the recent events in […]

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Free Will Doesn’t Exist

How do these constituents manifest themselves? To be more specific, I’m alluding to the old ‘nature’ vs ‘nurture’ debate. Of course, this is presented as a dichotomy; we accept that both ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ contribute to the making of a […]


Break Point: How Rafa and Roger Regained their Crown

University Sport

Varsity Result: Team Portsmouth Narrowly Lose Varsity Despite Huge Points Haul

University of Portsmouth 170
University of Southampton 206

The University of Portsmouth annual Varsity event against Southampton resulted in a tight loss this year, despite an adventitious early lead from Team Pompey. Both Portsmouth and Southampton fielded a multitude of teams to square off in this year’s Varsity […]