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Andy Murray to retire from tennis

In Friday’s press conference, Andy Murray has revealed that he plans to retire from tennis after this year’s Wimbledon, at 31 years of age. He emotionally admitted that next week’s Australian Open could be his last tournament.   This is […]

National News

Schools face funding crisis

The National Education Union has revealed that there is a rise in cost pressures. Schools are constantly trying to secure more government funding, as the money they are given is not enough. Schools have reportedly been carrying out duties and […]


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Be Not Afraid

In biblical writings, one of the most repeated calls found throughout is ‘Be not afraid’ or its variants. Now, many do not believe in Jesus or Christianity, and so drawing from this source may seem irrelevant at first. But considering […]

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Where are the Heroes among us?

We would all like to believe that we are the image of our favourite movie protagonist, dashing to save a victim from the clutches of a menacing villain. However, the present reality presents itself as rather a distasteful substitute. When […]


Govern or Quit

A few weeks ago, one of the BBC’s journalists, Chris Mason, stood in front of the Houses of Parliament and said the immortal words- ‘Looking at things right now, I haven’t got the foggiest idea what is going to happen […]

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Who’s the boss of your bottle?

Now before you dismiss this article as simply another slash against the problem of alcohol and the lude behaviour associated with it, rest assured that I do not condemn your celebratory ‘end of shift pint’ or drinking to have fun […]


Could Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto be the key to halting Mercedes’ dominance?


NBA Power Rankings Part 1: 30th-21st


30th – Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland were the biggest name in basketball with Lebron leading the Cavs to the NBA Finals for the past three years. But, since the King has left and joined L.A., the Cavs have shown they can’t […]

University Sport

SU sport roundup: A mixed week for UoP

Starting with Portsmouth’s premier American football team (the Portsmouth Destroyers), who recently faced off against UWE (University of West England) in a hard fought battle. Unfortunately, the Destroyers lost the game 48-0 due to UWE’s impressive offensive and defensive tactics. […]