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Movie review: Avatar

Avatar ― In cinemas now

I can’t think of another film in recent years that has been as highly anticipated as this: “Avatar” is James Cameron’s long-awaited follow-up to Titanic and proves that we are surely entering a new age of cinema.

Its incredible budget, ambition and vision along with its revolutionary technological wizardry guarantees that audiences will share a stunning visual experience. If we (and perhaps the filmmakers) are honest, the importance of the story takes second place in this film and big stars don’t seem to matter much either.

It is the 3D technology that draws us in, which was never technically possible before. That’s not to say that the narrative doesn’t grab you or that the lack of the big name cast would put anyone off, I simply see nothing wrong with admitting that I don’t need a film to be clever and complex to feel really ‘fulfilled’.

Avatar is overwhelmingly a spectacle and I loved it for it. It’s exactly what a blockbuster should be and proves to critics and snobs alike that blockbusters are worthy art forms – we all need escapism!

If you still want a plot outline, Australian actor Sam Worthington takes the central role of paraplegic former marine, Jake Sully, who, through his avatar has to interact and build a relationship with the indigenous species (the Na’vi) on the planet Pandora, where they live in harmony with nature. I don’t want to ruin the plot that follows but it is a bit like Dances with Wolves. But better.

Anyway, you should simply go to see it for Cameron’s vivid imagination portrayed in the tropical otherworld, it’s fascinating. The special effects are the real stars of this film and frankly, they really are quite exciting! Watching this has been described as ‘dreaming with your eyes open’..

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