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Movie review: Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes ― In cinemas now
Jude Law in Sherlock Holmes

Jude Law in Sherlock Holmes

Guy Ritchie is not the obvious director for a re-imagining of the infamous detective, but this is one which works surprisingly well.

Boasting stellar performances from Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, their superb chemistry is immediately obvious and loveable. With something of the Captain Jack Sparrow about him, Robert Downey Jr creates a family friendly interpretation of the sleuth, with all the charm of the original character, and none of the drugs.

Jude Law is inspired casting as Dr Watson, using his trademark Britishness to great effect, whilst still remaining in the shadows of Sherlock Holmes, as he should be.

Throughout, the balance between brains and brawn is cut well, creating nothing short of boisterous fun. Whilst some of the fight scenes seem to have very little point, they do not detract massively from the plot and Guy Ritchie is instantly stamped all over them.

Whilst those looking for super-sleuthing throughout will be disappointed, the unconventional approach to a British institution, oddly, gives instant 21st century appeal.

However, Rachel McAdams’ role as Holmes’ former love interest lacks the depth to make the audience care about her fate. She instead comes across as simply a tease to a possible sequel, rather than beneficial to the film at hand. She could be edited out of the film entirely, at not much of a loss.

Despite this, Ritchie appears to pull off the unexpected – a thunderous family film which is entertaining throughout..

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