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Obama’s first year

It could seem, from the outside, that President Obama’s first year in office was a highly subdued and disappointing one. He has continued the conflict in Iraq, lost heavily in the Senate election and split the country over his healthcare reform bill. Less than a month after his first full year in office ended, pressure is inevitably building.

An article on the Telegraph’s website claims Obama needs to ditch his policies soon, before his public turn on him for squandering taxpayers’ money on the failing U.S automobile industry, welfare increases and,, of course, the demonized healthcare reform. But surely this is an example of one eye on the future and one in the sky for Obama’s detractors?

Before George Bush came into power, the US economy was up; he inherited a surplus of money before introducing unnecessary tax cuts, which benefited the rich, his main support base. He then waged an unjust war which, according to one source, could cost up to $2 trillion overall, once you take into account all expenditure related to it and its effects.

Republicans have accused the White House’s latest inhabitants of a lack of focus concerning jobs and the economy and unfortunately it appears that the US public is going along with this. But hang on, aren’t we forgetting something? The Obama administration inherited somewhere near a $70 trillion deficit from Bush’s, including a war which sources suggest would cause more trouble to pull out off than to continue, due to major investments of the US and its resources.

What we are seeing from Obama, is what the American people and us in the world found across the Atlantic need to employ when it comes to judging this man after his first year in office; caution. It’s no wonder we perceive a lack of focus or change, when the cleanup operation after Bush’s party is clearly so huge. I say pipe down, let this leader get his eye in, and I’m sure we’ll see the brighter future we all envisioned when we saw Jesse Jackson shed those tears..

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