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From day to evening… capsule style!

As a student, you are constantly on the move. If it’s off home or travelling round the country for a mate’s birthday, you are bound to need plenty of clothes and outfits prepared for all occasions without lugging around half your wardrobe!

Here with our guide, we will show you how to transform your look from day to night- capsule style!

In the day, leggings and a long top will suffice. To transform your look, its all about adding accessorizes to glam it up! Add a belt that cinches in at the waist which will transform a baggy ordinary top, into a more sophisticated evening look. Wear clothes that can be worn from day to night, for example a body-con skirt with a casual vest in the day, then simply throw on a pair of quirky patterned tights to ensure your look stands out from the crowd!

Alternatively, a statement jacket/blazer is a practical, yet formal option that can be worn from day to night. Add statement jewellery to make an impact, as this season it’s all about layering up; several long necklaces, either in vintage gold chains or strands of pearls. A simple cropped top can easily be glammed up by accessories. Keep in trend by adding a pretty nude flower headband to accent your look.

As an alternative to your usual sky scraper heels, try out some brogues or pixie style boots which will save space, (and your feet!) whilst looking fashionable.Or why not try some pretty ballet flats if this isn’t your style to keep in with the romantic trend this spring.

Photo by Maria Morri..

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