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Oh, lazy student!

I personally know that this subject is split pretty much down the middle in my house, but now half way through my second year at University it’s becoming a pretty tedious subject in my mind. Just because I am a student, it doesn’t mean I’m lazy, and the fact that I like to sleep in till three o’clock after a night out on my day off, also does not make me lazy; that particular situation makes me hung over! I am a more pleasant person in my bed, sleeping it off. We all get them, let us students sleep it off.

I often find myself leaving my room, in my not so graceful state, feeling worse for wear, to be greeted by the beady judgmental eyes of the majority of my housemates. But the situation which really gets me going is the shock on everybody’s faces – coursemates, housemates, family, the postman… – when I attend any lectures pre midday. It happens, stop judging me.

It’s bad enough that parents and tax payers think the majority of us drink, sleep and spend too much. As a student, I don’t need peer judgment alongside my parents’ ‘know it all’ attitude towards my life, emphasis on the ‘my’ part of that.

I attend University, I work hard and get work submitted on time; I exercise and eat well – I deserve to stay in my big warm bed on the odd occasion. Save the judgments towards ‘lazy students’ when we start failing on a mass scale due to non-attendance. Rant over, time for bed.

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