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Tesco take over

Yes, this whole opinion piece is about Tesco. The supermarket I have probably spent about two thirds of my student loan on, and my parents spend a third of their annual wages at; not to mention my sister, who probably spends about a quarter of her EMA there, and my little brother who spends nearly all of his pocket money there.

 Back home, the closest store for everyday products and household necessities is a mini Tesco garage. Our nearest large supermarket, for the weekly family food shop, is a Tesco Extra (which means it’s even bigger than the usual ones). 

Living in Portsmouth as a student, I do my shopping at Tesco, I have a Tesco Clubcard, and I get genuinely excited when my Clubcard statement comes through and gives me a few pounds worth of vouchers off my next shopping visit. Tesco, needless to say, has it all; other than the obvious food, they also sell electronic goods (TVs, mobile phones, laptops, hoovers and kitchen appliances). They develop photographs and have their own pharmacies. They offer home insurance, car insurance, holiday insurance and even pet insurance. They sell furniture; sofas, beds, and wardrobes. Toys, stationery, and bikes! Showers, sinks and toilets; Tesco even have their own bathroom suite range! Not to mention clothes, jewellery and make up.

Tesco is Cascades Shopping Centre all rolled into one store, under one roof, with no need to search around different stores. What can you get in the mall that you can’t get in Tesco? How long will it be before Tesco starts hitting even higher extremes? How about Tesco driving lessons? Or better still, Tesco’s own brand of car? White with a blue stripe along the side, of course. They could even have their own garage, MOT’s and all!

Media moguls such as Rupert Murdoch are criticised for owning so much of the media, but what about huge corporate companies that own, well, everything? Before long, we’ll be reading the news from ‘The Tesco Times,’ or ‘Tesco On Sunday.’ So, is it a bad thing that Tesco are the future of the world? With their cheap prices, huge array of products, and generic shaping of the consuming public? Yes, probably. But what are we going to do about it? Nothing. After all, you can’t use your Clubcard at Sainsbury’s can you?

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