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Memory fades

Can you remember what you had for breakfast? You probably can. I can’t. My memory pretty much resembles a sieve, filtering out all the need-to-know facts, and leaving behind the useless nuggets of information, such as what time my favourite TV shows are on.

This is not good. Not when I have exams to revise for. Well, an exam – a Law exam to be precise. Whilst we get to take in 300 words to help, it’s difficult to choose said 300 words when anything I can’t fit in to those notes will be completely forgotten and will most likely be important. If I could compare my absolute blind panic about this fact, I’d compare it to the cliché of a rabbit caught in the headlights. The tow-truck of pressure to get a decent grade is hurtling towards me, and if I cower and avoid it, it’s likely to just drive on over me, miss me – destroy my chances of passing, whereas if I stand tall and confident, well, I’m going to become road kill.

Either way, there’s no chance I’ll pass with flying colours. I can hope, and pray for a third, but that’s the best I’ll get. And for second year, that’s not good enough for me. Still, on the bright side, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Probably not, but I think all the desperate shovelling of legislation, case studies, and scenarios of Law into my reluctant brain is driving me a little bit insane. It’s easier for me to get the lyrics to that god awful Justin Bieber song in my head than it is for me to remember the legislation for anonymity for children in adult course cases. There’s something terribly wrong with that.

Good luck to anyone else who suffers how I do, cursed by the inability to retain information. Let’s form a club. We can wear trapper hats. Maybe by blocking off our ears, the information won’t be able to escape from them..

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