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Why I am an atheist

Two issues ago [issue 40], I was lucky enough to receive an e-mail to edit for the paper, titled “I’m an agnostic, but…”, in which the writer explains how he is embarrassed by hardcore atheists like Richard Dawkins, and I assume the more fiery writers (there are more fiery writers than Dawkins on this?) like Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris or A.C Grayling.

Whilst I agree to some extent your message, I disagree whole-heartedly on others. For example, the writer makes note that to have an atheist put a message on a bus saying: “There’s probably no god”, does not make him or her a twat; more simply provoking conversation, much the same as any Alpha course poster would do. I don’t cringe when I see a poster that makes me think, rather than telling me what to eat, drink, wear or do.

To be fair, Richard Dawkins embarrasses me as much as a tea stain on an old shirt, but one of those ones that’s been good to you over the years; the tea stains still there, but it’s on something that’s reliable and you can pretty much take wherever and only have a real sod point it out, rather than showing a little bit of tact.

Then there’s the point on being told not to wear a condom; fair game, you don’t have to. But when it’s telling millions of people worldwide that if they wear a condom then they will be going to Hell for being a little bit precautious as they may not want another sprog around the house, then surely something is wrong here.

The Catholic church practices abstinence in Africa instead of condoms as they believe it is a better policy to practice; what kind of bellend do you have to be to preach that not only the best way to avoid pregnancy and sexual diseases is to not have sex (not saying that it’s not effective, but your pushing people off of their natural orientation) but then also to say that they are not only evil, but “scientifically” ineffective. Now for whatever kind of a bellend you have to be for preaching this stuff, how much do you have to be for believing it too? I can agree with not having sex if you don’t want to, or that you’re not in the right situation, because that is a fair enough approach to sex, as it is very special thing. I just really don’t agree with the Catholic approach to it, as it is misinformation for the masses.

I am an atheist not only because I believe in logic and a reasonable approach to life, and I don’t speak about it unless provoked or asked, but I am glad that there is at least someone willing to speak out against it. From Percy Bysshe Shelley to Richard Dawkins, at least someone is reacting against something that, while maybe placing hope to people of the world, preaches bizarre messages at home..

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