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Apple or pear: which shape are you?

Who can admit to buying clothes only to get home and decide, actually, this definitely does not suit me? I know I have, and the amount of clothes that either still have the labels on in my wardrobe longingly seeking a night out, or are awaiting a trip back to the shop, is ridiculous.

So put a stop to the unnecessary buying of outfits that look nice on the hanger, but not so nice on you, and start knowing your shape. Use the shape guide below to find out what shape you are!

The Apple

If you tend to carry weight around your waist line but are pretty much in proportion everywhere else, then you are most definitely an apple. Dressing the apple is all about avoiding building volume around your middle and showing off those best bits, so get out those fabulous assets of yours and start showing them off.

What to wear: Choose tops and dresses that accentuate the empire line to flatter your figure. Show a bit of flesh with lower necklines to draw the eye upwards and away from the middle.

What not to wear: Short, squared shouldered jackets and layered skirts are your worst enemy!

The Pear

If you are the proud owner of those love handles and are bigger around the hips, bottom or thighs than you are up top then you are a Pear – the most popular fruit! Introducing more structure with tailored jackets and blouses will show off your naturally flat stomach and flaunt that womanly figure of yours. Lucky you!

What to wear: It is all about getting the right balance, so make use of bright and bold coloured tops, as well as those with large collars or puffball sleeves.

What not to wear: Tight fitting pencil skirts that will emphasise your hips. If you’re gearing up for those graduate jobs then go for the high waisted tailored flares teamed with a pair of mega heels to elongate your legs.

The Strawberry

Bigger up top than on the bottom half? You are a strawberry! This could be because of broad shoulders and/or a bigger chest in relation to your waist and hips.

What to wear: Focus on softening your look with puff ball skirts and wide leg trousers to balance out your body shape. Draw attention away from your top half with bright colours on the bottom!

What not to wear: Steer well clear of puff sleeves and halter-necks that will accentuate your chest and shoulders. Shoulder pads and tailored trousers are also a definite no-no!

The Hourglass (exception: apparently there is no fruit shaped like an hourglass)

The dream figure! In at the middle with a fuller bust or bottom to contrast with your tiny waist. You are truly blessed so steer clear of those baggy clothes that hide your curves, but also be careful not to overstep the boundary with sexy. Sometimes less is more!

What to wear: Waist belts are your best friend as they exaggerate your tiny waist. Wrap dresses are also extremely flattering to your bust line and they won’t seem as ‘out there’.

What not to wear: Anything baggy – unless you team it with that magic belt of course!

The Rectangle (Also not a fruit – but you get the picture)

Straight up and straight down, many girls would kill for this shape as you can wear almost anything! Although if it is the curves you crave, the right clothing can work wonders!

What to wear: Structured coats and jackets, especially anorak styles with waist belts attached will give you that curvy look. If you’ve got a smaller chest, contrary to popular belief, many girls would be jealous as you can flaunt those high neck tops that are bang on trend.

What not to wear: Low rise jeans that elongate your torso and dresses with no waistline definition.