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Solid performance but could have been ‘Stronger’

Dead By April - Southampton Joiners, 13th December

Dead By April ― Southampton Joiners, 13th December 2011


Talking to Jimmie and Marcus before the show, they admitted to favouring their heavier songs in a live set. Although they “play the heavier songs for the guys and the softer songs for the ladies”, so are including a mixture, tonight’s show at Southampton Joiners looked to be promisingly heavy nonetheless.

Opening with ‘Two Faced’ would have been a very powerful start if the guitar had actually worked. However, the guitar could not be heard, and the song sounded unsurprisingly weird. The band cannot be faulted for this however, and at least it gave the crowd a chance to hear, rather than simply feel, the bassist’s contribution.

Continuing the set with more heavy songs off the latest album Incomparable, it was ‘Lost’ that really stood out. It is the first song the band had ever written, and is easily the best. It allowed new vocalist, Zandro, to really show his worth whilst the rest of the band supported him with confidence and experience.

The set began to settle down, consecutively playing their softer songs ‘Losing You’, ‘Calling’ and ‘Promise Me’. By giving the crowd a rest from circle-pitting, the perfect opportunity to include ‘Stronger’ arose. Unfortunately though, the song did not feature, and the band chose to close with a new song ‘Within My Heart’ instead. Although a good song, it was a shame it closed at the expense of ‘Stronger’.

With the UK leg of the ‘SlaughTour’ now over, if you didn’t get the chance to see these guys live then make sure you follow Eurovision 2012; there’s an exciting possibility these boys could be delivering Graham Norton some metal for a change.