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An evening with Derek Acorah

Portsmouth was recently visited by one of the most well-known and respected spiritual mediums, Derek Acorah.  Although I am quite sceptical about such phenomenon, I was also rather intrigued to witness how a medium works and so I attended Acorah’s show on 19th January.

Now for all of you who are thinking that spiritual mediums operate in a sinister setting, I am afraid that I shall have to disappoint you. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for some!) Derek’s show was conducted in the Kings Theatre which, although haunted according to local rumour, is not actually spooky.

In fact, the theatre itself is quite impressive due to its very ornate look – and the fact that Derek conducted his show in the presence of bright lights rather than in the dark succeeded in creating a friendly and reassuring environment. Derek also maintained a healthy banter with everyone. For me, there were certain moments in the evening that definitely stood out.

One was the emotional breakdown of a woman who was contacted by her partner, who died whilst out at sea. I was impressed by Derek’s ability to locate this woman in the audience and also to clarify exactly how her partner died. Another impressive moment was when Derek was able to recognise the fact that an audience member had lost a baby.

These two moments did succeed in reducing my scepticism to a certain extent – and although I have to admit that I am still not entirely convinced, Derek certainly impressed me.