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Graduates launch ‘University Face Off’ competition for students

Graduates from the University of Manchester have set up a business which aims to create a more positive stigma surrounding students.

This business is headlined by a Facebook competition called University Face Off. This entails students voting on social network sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, in order to get their universities to the top of the leader board.

The leader board is on the competition’s Facebook page, and automatically retrieves and adds up points every day. Different points are awarded for actions such as ‘likes’, comments and tags.

However, the competition is not just situated on Facebook. Students are also able to pledge allegiance to their universities on Twitter, and are able to write reviews on campus activity. Due to this, universities have become more involved themselves, evoking more publicity for them.

Owen Burek, Managing Director of Grip Media Ltd, explained: “Our aim is to rally support for our universities in the midst of much negative press and give students a fun opportunity to share their views in a familiar environment.”

There are more competitions added to the agenda, such as ‘celebrity face off’ and ‘football face off’, which are set to begin later on in the year.

As well as the University Face Off there are further projects, including ‘save the student’, a large student money site which provides money advice for students. It also provides information on areas such as the new loan system, and works with budding journalists to improve their skill sets.

To enter the University Face Off competition, visit

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