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Album review: I, The Breather – Truth and Purpose

I, The Breather ― Truth and Purpose

Despite having never toured UK soil, the five men from Baltimore, MD are beginning to make quite an impact on the metal scene. Their friendship with heavyweights August Burns Red has in no doubt helped get them noticed, but you don’t get shown that level of support from other bands without justification.

Truth and Purpose, the band’s second studio album, begins with ‘False Prophet’, clearly showing the band’s Christian message from the start. The chorus reads: “I believe there’s a king, a throne out there and we will see his face one of these days”, which leaves a powerful impression as the album flows into the next track.

Previously releasing ‘Bruised & Broken’ as a single was a wise decision, as it is the strongest song on the album. The complex time-signatures combine with melodic lead guitar riffs to create music that is highly technical but is still, most importantly, listenable.

If metal vocals are not to your taste, then ‘Lunar’ is worth a listen. The track encompasses I, The Breather’s distinctive sound without the need for Shawn Spann’s vocals, producing an instrumental that few will find hard to appreciate.

’4.12.11’ provides the final impression of the album, with the lyrics again being very personal. The song ends with Shawn screaming, “I’m begging to you, asking you why you took the closest thing to my life”, questioning God for answers after the death of a loved one. His anger is reflected in the heavy parts of the song, whilst his grief and remembrance are apparent in the softer moments.

If you have ever considered metal to be meaningless, then these 10 tracks will prove you wrong.