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Gig review: Nero at Southampton Guildhall

Nero ― Southampton Guildhall, 17th March 2012

nero live

Southampton once again felt a power which shook its very foundations for one night, as Nero graced its stage with a ferocity and intensity it had not witnessed for quite some time.

Up first was Nero’s support act, Millions Like Us, who without a doubt gave Southampton a fantastic set of mixes, mashups and remixes that lasted a good hour.

However, by the time they were over, the Nero chants came in loud and heavy. As the covers over a huge object were lifted and unveiled, the crowd was witness to a creation of at least a dozen TVs meshed and entwined inside several huge bass speakers.

With the inclusion of various bass speakers at the left and right side of the stage, I suddenly realised as I was standing at the front of the barricade, I would feel the full intensity of the bass blast throughout the show, and smiled. Prior to the decimation I experience from start to finish, Vangelis’ Blade Runner theme plays. As it ended, the stunning and mesmerising light show was activated, welcoming us all to Reality.

The bass kicks in as hard as a hundred hammers to the head, and remains as devastatingly powerful throughout the show. The overhyped crowd begins its relentless dance and Guildhall moves all as one. Nero gives the crowd tunes by the bucket loads, and Guildhall reciprocates skanking vicariously and moshing from wall to wall. As every person jumped, screamed and danced through their hit filled set, it felt and looked as if Guildhall knew it was their last night on earth.

Brutal is a word that seems closest to describing the experience I had just felt, and after leaving the podium, Southampton gave an exhausted but euphoric well-deserved ovation to Britain’s greatest dubstep act going.