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Students given unique opportunity to enhance employability

The University will host an afternoon on 29th February giving information on ‘Working in China’ in order to enhance graduate employability.

In the current economic climate it is getting increasingly difficult for graduates to find jobs as soon as they come out of university. As a result of this, unique work experience is vital in order to increase employability.

The ‘Working in China’ afternoon is a good opportunity for students looking for unique ways to help them stand out to future employers.

The event aims to provide information to UK/EU students who are looking to work in China after university. It will also help students who are looking to gain experience from working abroad.

As well as introducing the Chinese labour market to UK/EU students, the afternoon will help Chinese students who are looking to return to China, post-graduation.

Speakers with specific knowledge of the Chinese labour market are lined up to speak at the event. They also have experience in the current developments in the world’s most dynamic and powerful changing economy.

This will be extremely beneficial to students hoping to build a career abroad and gain a wider knowledge of the economy, improving graduate chances of employability.

All students in SLAS, SSHLS, ICJS and SECS are invited. If you are interested in this event, register by contacting

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