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Book Review: Unsuitable Men by Pippa Wright

Unsuitable Men ― Pippa Wright

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you hit your late 20s and had only ever dated one guy? No? Well neither have I, but in Pippa Wright’s new book “Unsuitable Men” the character of Rory Carmichael does just that.

After breaking up with her boyfriend of 11 years and being thrown into the world of singledom, Rory finds herself rebelling against everything she has ever known. With a little encouragement from her work friend Ticky, Rory embarks on a project to date as many unsuitable men as possible and write about them in an online column for the posh magazine, Country House.

Never having dated anyone else but her ex Martin, Rory finds herself in a variety of comical situations with toy-boys, sugar-daddies and a variety of other men, all of which, for Rory, are not Mr Right. After being kicked out of her London house by her ex, Rory moves in with her Aunt Lydia who runs a hotel for retired actors. The two elderly lodgers living there are the once famous Percy and Eleanor who make for some very entertaining conversations and bizarre advice.

The characters that you meet as the story unfolds are without a doubt what make this book. It is a funny and enticing storyline that will keep you glued until the very last page. The twists and turns that crop up along the way will have you questioning whether one of Rory’s Mr Wrongs could be her Mr Right and whether Percy and Eleanor have in fact entirely lost the plot.

Overall it is a great read and I highly recommend it.