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Game review: UEFA Euro 2012

UEFA Euro 2012 ― PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

Rather than charging football fanatics £40 for what is essentially an add-on, as they seem to do year on year, EA Sports have finally seen sense. At around just £15, players can experience all the drama of the European Championship at just a fraction of its predecessor with this Euro 2012-themed add-on for the successful FIFA series.

Except, bizarrely, the new add-on has just a fraction of the features. Where the last major tournament’s video game (the 2010 World Cup) allowed you – in the competition’s namesake mode – to pick your squad from a pool of national players and take them through qualifying and the tournament itself, here your squad is already put together and you only have the option to begin at the start of the tournament.

Thankfully, the excellent Online Tournament mode returns, and although just an online version of the aforementioned Euro 2012 feature, it provides a slightly different challenge than the offline mode.

The most interesting feature, however, is the new Expedition mode, whereby the aim is to conquer all of Europe, picking up each country’s players as you beat them along the way. Although it begins easily enough as you pick off sides such as Kazakhstan, the challenge presented by the larger sides is much more enjoyable than the main mode.

Overall, while the gameplay and graphics are not really any different to FIFA 12, UEFA Euro 2012 is a much better value game than its predecessors, but still not a patch on this year’s instalment of the franchise.