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Gig review: Bury Tomorrow, Southampton Joiners

Bury Tomorrow ― Southampton Joiners, 5th May 2012
Bury Tomorrow

flickr/Sehar Mehmood Bury Tomorrow

It was clear to see that this show was as much about Bury Tomorrow as it was about headliners Of Mice & Men. Being Bury Tomorrow’s hometown, they were given an extended slot to get the crowd stoked for their upcoming album The Union of Crowns.

To make the most of their 40-minute allocation, first single from their new album, ‘Lionheart’, opened and quickly exploded into ‘Anything With Teeth’. The impressive sound quality instantly suggested they had been given headliners treatment from their well-loved venue.

The stand-out song of their set was ‘An Honourable Reign’, which was recently debuted on Daniel P. Carter’s BBC Radio One Rock Show. With the single yet to even be available on to purchase on iTunes, it was surprising how many people in the crowd knew the lyrics and were getting involved.

The predictable heat of Joiners bore down on the band without mercy, but it was only in between songs that it was noticeable. The heat can only be partly to blame though, as the sheer effort the guys put in is second-to-none.

After impressing with ‘Royal Blood’, the band finished off with fan-favourites ‘Casting Shapes’ and ‘You & I’. With a mixture of songs performed from both Portraits and The Union of Crowns, Bury Tomorrow were able to show the crowd why they deserved to be touring, and while they’ll continue to be for a long time.

Annoyingly though, hearing their new material live has made 16th July feel a lot further away than it did before.