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The big debate: PC’s v consoles

Consoles – Jamie Howard

Computers require excessive amounts of time and money to keep them running at a suitable level for current generation games – not something everybody has, particularly students. Money spent on constantly upgrading your computer is money which can be spent on alcohol and, as students, that’s a more than fair concept. Consoles are cheaper, a hell of a lot easier to maintain, and they’re also more simplistic: you plug it in, insert disc and play. With a computer, on the other hand, you need to meet all the requirements, AND install it, which takes up precious “study time”.

Consoles are also more sociable. You can pop in a multiplayer title such as Mario Kart, have a few friends over, enjoy a few drinks and have a laugh. The equivalent with fellow computer gamers via LAN gaming is a far more complex and unnecessary process when you can do it so much easier with a console. Besides, who’s ever heard of pre-drinking with Starcraft as opposed to Mario Kart? It’s nonsense!

Don’t get me wrong; computers can be a lot more powerful and run better graphics. But this takes up heaps of time and money which can just as easily be spent on a console for a better price and a more sociable gaming experience, not to mention that console gaming can be done in your living room and on a big screen, without the hassle of doing so with an introvert system for computers. So why bother with PC gaming when you can lay back on your sofa with a few mates and have a heap of laughs, with your wallet still smiling?

PC’s – Enzo Rossi

Gaming can be a hobby, it can be a sport, pastime or, for some, it can be a lifestyle. Either way, there is a great difference between someone that self-defines as a gamer after beating Angry Birds, and someone that spends 45 hours per day on World of Warcraft.

But there is one thing that everyone should agree on: all digital gaming devices are, in essence, a computer with limited capabilities.

Consoles? Check. Phones? Check. Tablets? Triple check.

Want your horse in Skyrim to be a unicorn? Wish the AI behaved different in GTA? Want to defeat Sephiroth with Aeris? Well, lucky for you, on a PC you can pretty much do whatever you want to your games, as the community constantly releases mods and patches that let you customise your games. What’s that? You’re playing on an Xbox? Oh never mind then; keep playing it vanilla.

With a PC you are able to enjoy your games, and write your essays, and watch films, and do pretty much anything you want!

PCs are, by essence, the best option for gaming. You might say that consoles are cheaper, easier to use and more available. To that I say Ken’s Fried Chicken is cheaper, easier, and more available, yet who would claim it’s better than KFC? It is the same with consoles and PCs.

I do agree that consoles are great for casual gamers to play Fifa with their mates, and I own several consoles myself. I look forward to the day where consoles are like PCs and allow you greater freedom of usage, customisation, and titles. But until then, it would be impossible for anyone to say that PCs are not the best gaming device out there. If in doubt, we’ll settle this argument over a game of Starcraft II (try playing THAT with a gamepad!)