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What’s hot and what’s not?


Dark Shadows – Out now

It’s been two whole years since our last Tim Burton delight of Alice In Wonderland, so this comedy-horror that looks similar in style to the aforementioned film has no doubt been long-awaited. Along with his usuals, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter but with the added bonuses of Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green and Chloe Moretz, it’s sure to be good.

Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix – Out 14th May

It’s been over six years since Tenacious D’s last studio album, and that was more than long enough to wait. Jack Black and Kyle Gass are bound to make us laugh and prepare for their upcoming Brixton and Download Festival shows.

Brendan Benson – Wedgewood Rooms – 21st May

American singer-songwriter Brendan Benson will be playing Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms on 21st May in support of his fifth studio album What Kind of World. With his career spanning 16 years, this is bound to be a show jammed packed with musical talent.

Max Payne 3 – Out 8th May for PS3, PC and Xbox 360

Max Payne looks like he’s come a long way in the ten years since his graphically challenged debut on PS2. Grand Theft Auto writer Dan Houser is lead writer, meaning we should have a mature script to look forward to, rather than just crisper bullet time visuals.


How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Out now

With all the drama about his wayward life, we all thought Mel Gibson’s movie career was over. But no, he’s clung on and he’s now starring as a crook busting out of a Mexican jail and along the way befriending a nine-year-old local boy. It’s safe to say, he’s clutching at straws nowadays.

Brokencyde – The Cellar, Southampton – 19th May

Albuquerque’s “Crunkcore” pitiful band is unfortunately stopping off at Southampton on their ‘Guilty Pleasurez’ European tour. Just be thankful for Berlin taking them in on 23rd May so they are as far away from us as they’ll be on this tour.

Dragon’s Dogma – Release date: 25th May for PS3 and Xbox 360.

What do you get when you mix an open world fantasy setting with the words ‘Mystic Knight’, ‘epic adventure’ and ‘mysterious dragon’? A Skyrim rip-off, that’s what. And this is exactly what Dragon’s Dogma is shaping up to be.

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