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Zac Efron swaps baby face for brooding soldier

The Lucky One

Based on bestseller by Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One not only tells the story of an ex-marine soldier turned soul searching woman hunter, it also uses a beautiful soundtrack to accompany what can only be described as a film that will bring tears to the coldest of hearts. Starring Zac Efron who plays ill-tempered and dark eyed Logan Thibault and Taylor Shilling who plays single mum and owner of Kennel Farm Beth Clayton, both actors have truly outdone themselves in presenting a 21st century love story that will entice and capture hearts all around the globe.

From the tense and awkward moments where we see the couple first meet to the following scenes of heartbreak and anger, this film is definitely a must see! Although Zac Efron is said to have been “type cast” in previous films such as The Life And Death Of Charlie St Cloud and 17 Again where he plays the problem-associated heartthrob, it is in this film that the audience really see a change in his acting. Not only has he matured and lost his baby face reminiscent of his High School Musical days, his perfect reflection of the dark and brooding character of Logan was excellence at its highest.

With a variety of books turned box office hits under his belt, Sparks has to be described as a writer of utter brilliance. The Notebook (Sparks’ first film adaptation) was a hit movie that did well in cinemas all around the world, and it’s easy to say that The Lucky One is just as good, if not that little bit better. The storyline is engaging, the actors and graphics are typical of the rom-com genre and the entire film is just a piece of excellence!