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Affordable Christmas tips: don’t break the band this Christmas

Why not decorate gingerbread men as a present? Sheila

It is around this time of the year, when shopping, that you notice the tell-tale signs that Christmas is definitely on its way; the long queues in department stores mostly consist of women on their lunch breaks buying last minute gifts to complete their Christmas shopping, whilst men are typically just starting theirs and can usually be found stood hand in hand with underwear and an assortment of bubble baths, contemplating which one their girlfriend would prefer.

Students, however, are usually about to run out of money and have to decide which is the better option: choosing whether to ring their parents to ‘borrow’ some money, or their bank for an extension on their overdraft. This means buying Christmas presents has to be done on a budget.

All the brilliant ideas you have had for weeks about what presents to buy for all your friends suddenly appear useless, whilst you begin to avoid all the shops you would usually shop in to stop yourself spending that little bit of money you have left in your bank account.

However, that doesn’t mean that all your friends and family won’t receive any presents from you this Christmas. From making your own presents to personalising gifts, here at The Galleon we have come up with some top Christmas budget tips to help you on your way:

  • Look for bargains – It may sound obvious but most people pay full price for items in the run up to Christmas. Look out for special buy-one-get-one-free offers and items that are priced 3 for 2 (Boots is great for this).
  • Bake – Instead of buying expensive chocolates and biscuits, why not make your own? Consult Nigella and get baking.
  • Make your own presents – whether it’s some jewellery or framing a special photo, it’s the simple things that sometimes end up being the best presents.
  • Gingerbread men – everybody loves gingerbread men. Buy one plain and decorate yourself for a personal touch.
  • Send a card – If you can’t afford to buy somebody a present then why not buy a special card instead. Some online companies specialise in personalising cards where you can add your own picture and text to accompany it.
  • Look around your house for ideas – you don’t even have to step outside your front door. Remember those presents that you got last Christmas and never used? Pass them on to someone else.

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