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Interview: Slenderman’s Shadow creator Marc Steene

Marc Steene, the evil mastermind behind the Slender spinoff series Slenderman’s Shadow took some time out to have a chat with us about the finer points of chilling the internet to the core.

So Slenderman’s Shadow is obviously based upon the Indie Game Slender. What was it about that game that inspired you to have a go yourself?

It was due to the fact that such a simple game managed to instill so much fear in so many people. The game really blew up after PewDiePie played it, and from that point onward it became a standard for all horror gamers who made YouTube videos to start posting playthroughs and reactions etc. However, after a few weeks, this led to a major problem – people wanted more Slender, but were getting bored of the forest.

You’ve created a fair few maps now, each one somehow managing to be more terrifying than the last. Where do you get your ideas, and how many more maps do you think you’ll be making?

The idea for the first map, Sanatorium, came from the Wittenau Sanatorium as seen in the zombie map Verruckt from Call of Duty – it seemed like a creepy setting and the perfect place to base a Slenderman game. The second map, Hospice, is based on a building seen in one of the Marble Hornets episodes. Elementary is based on Midwich Elementary from Silent Hill, and Mansion is an Amnesia-esque type map based in an old Victorian mansion.

Personally, which would you say is your favourite map?

In terms of atmosphere, Mansion would be my favourite map. In terms of horror, Prison is definitely my favourite.

How aware were you of the whole Slenderman myth before you started working on these games?

I had never heard of the Slender Man prior to playing Slender – I researched into the mythos after playing the game, then watched Marble Hornets. The whole thing is really creepy.

Is there anything you can tell us about the upcoming Secret Project (besides the fact it’s kinda secret?)

The secret project will be big and exciting – there have been teasers on the website front page but aside from that it has not been officially announced yet. News will be coming out shortly, most likely early November, and the game will likely be released in December, assuming nothing major delays the project.

If you’re feeling brave, you can download any one of the Slenderman games from Marc’s website:

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