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Cheer triumph at the Southern ICC

The Phoenix squad with their trophy

The Phoenix squad with their trophy

The University of Portsmouth’s cheerleading squad were victorious at their first competition of 2013, displaying a high level of skill and finesse that wowed the judges.

In previous years, the Portsmouth Phoenix Cheerleading Squad have dominated the BCA All Girl Level 2 circuit. Collecting two first place titles and a second place trophy during their last season, the squad were looking to improve on their success.

This year they decided to up their game. The squad chose to not only enter at a higher level, but to also enter a new circuit of competitions run by the World Cheerleading Coalition (ICC). With the first competition date set for 2nd Februrary, the squad had less time to prepare than they were expecting.

The team arrived in Guildford to a busy auditorium, filled with thousands of contestants, ranging from 3-30 years old. The stadium was all set with the red sprung floor laid out in front, and underneath the ICC banner stood the incredible trophies that they aspired to win.

The effort and pure determination that the other squads had put into their routines shone through, with one girl pushing herself to the limits and collapsing on the mat. The tension and pressure was rising but the team did not let this effect their mental state and they completed their warm-up with mere minor glitches.

After a quick pep-talk and a few stretches, it was the turn of the Phoenix squad to make their debut in the ICC circuit. The team ran onto the mat and performed their routine, which they had been working hard to perfect since October. Stunt after stunt, tumble after tumble, the University of Portsmouth’s cheer squad performed with eloquence and ease.

After an agonising wait, the results were announced. The hard work and determination from all of the members of the Phoenix squad had paid off, as they were deservedly awarded first place. After a jubilant celebration from all members of the squad and a few supporters in the crowd, the goal to win had been successful.

President Daisy Fearfield said: “I am so proud of the squad and feel that this win has really set us up with confidence for the rest of the season. Keep up the good work girls, we can do it!”

Phoenix have three more competitions this term where they will be looking to continue their golden reign.