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Funeral for a Friend: ‘Winning the music lottery’


Funeral for a Friend have been a household name within the rock music scene for many years now and, as 2013 sees the ten year anniversary of their iconic debut album Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation, The Galleon caught up with Drummer Pat Lundy to talk about the band’s new album.

The band’s sixth studio album entitled Conduit is due for release at the end of January so what can we expect to hear? 

“Well it is probably the most anomalous Funeral for a Friend record and does show some drastic change from other albums, most notably the fact that we’ve made the songs much shorter in length and taken a more straight to the point approach.”

There have already been two singles released from the new album, the lead single being ‘Best Friends and Hospital Beds’.

“Yeah, well in fact ‘Best Friends’ is one of the longest songs on there. There is going to be another single released off the album, and I cannot say what it is yet, but it is my favourite song off the record.”

The band’s Twitter page reveals that most of the past few weeks have been spent rehearsing and planning setlists.

“Everything’s been going really well. It’s been hard for me for me to have to learn a back catalogue of albums (Pat joined the band last year after leaving Rise to Remain) but we’ve been listening to what the fans have to say regarding the set and it’s been coming along really well.”

So what is it like to join one of the UK’s biggest bands so far into their career?

“Well for me it’s been like winning the music lottery to get into a band like this. The transition has been easy though as I knew and got along well with people from the band already.”

The tour in support of the new album kicks off this month and sees the band play venues all over the country but which venues (other than Portsmouth of course) are the band looking forward to playing the most?

“Well I do love playing the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth crowds have great energy. But other that that the gig at the Forum in Tunbridge Wells, as it’s a small intimate venue with limited barriers or security, so that’s probably the one that I’m most looking forward to.”

It also looks like Pat’s looking forward to seeing the band’s support play alongside them.

“Well Firstly we have a band called I Divide, who recently won Best Rock Act at the South West Music Awards. We also have two amazing American bands coming with us called Major League and Such Gold.”

It’s early days yet, but it looks like the band might be playing a few festivals this summer.

“Yes we will be but at the moment I can honestly not say which ones, as I don’t know. I just sort of turn up when I’m told to, but it would be great to do one of the big ones like Download or Sonisphere.”

After the tour is over, can we expect some new records from our post-hardcore favourites?

“Well hopefully once all the touring is done we will start thinking about new Funeral Records.”

Finally, Pat told us exactly why the students of Portsmouth should venture down to Albert Road to check out the band. 

“There are four really good acts on the bill and everyone who comes will have a great night and feel that they have gotten great value for money.”

Funeral for a Friend Play the Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms on 3rd February. Conduit is set for release on 28th January.

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