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The biggest culture shock

If you were taught the same morals and rules that I was, it should come as no surprise to you that when dealing with members of the opposite sex you should treat them with respect, honour and absolute and unswerving loyalty, if things progress. So when arriving at university, I was shocked to hear and see the culture of ‘pulling’.

By definition, to pull is to exert force on something so as to cause movement to oneself. Notice the word ‘force’ in that definition, and compare it to what we’ve all seen in clubs and you’ll notice that there is no fine line between them. The problem surrounding it is the amount of pressure that a lot of us have to pull. Strangely this is not gender specific either, ‘LAD culture’ dictates that pulling is a necessity bordering on a life need, whereas a woman’s pressure to pull is much more complex that even the keenest psychologists cannot work out.

The concept of pulling also conjures up more issues such as the decline of chivalry, feminist equality and of course, sex; the spectre upon which it appears university life seems built upon. Why must we feel the need to pull? Is it simply for sex, or for personal development, or even to prove to others that we can pull? Personally, I cannot pull. When talking to a woman, I am a lot more interested in the person than simply what lies beneath the sheets.

I ask the general public, what happened to compassion, respect and love? These kinds of things at university are unnaturally rare, as university should be the building site of your future. Attempting to change this culture, is of course completely impossible. But I urge people to realise that there is actually a living, thoughtful person behind every exterior, regardless of how attractive that exterior may be.

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  1. KDBec says:

    ‘Pulling’ is an interesting concept..personally I only do it when everyone around me is doing it. It’s all cas and good fun on a night out. Plus, ‘pulling’ is not done by force. It’s mutual understanding and attraction – both parties know what they’re getting into.

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