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Album review: Ed Sheeran – ‘X’

Busker-turned-big cheese sings his way into our hearts on sophomore album

Ed Sheeran ― X

EdSheeran_XEd Sheeran is practically sat on cloud 9; with his astounding global success, and having his new best pal Pharrell Williams say live on BBC Radio 1 how proud he is of him, it’s no wonder that the singer-songwriter is floating up in the clouds.

Second album X is the next step of Sheeran’s worldwide takeover. With sell-out tours across the globe and a voice that can woo any woman, as well as the performance of his 2011 debut album +, it’s clear that the best of Ed Sheeran is yet to come.

X demonstrates a new side of Sheeran; with him admitting that there are more songs about loving someone on this album than there has ever been in the past, and songs with lyrics that bring tears to your eyes.

The album features the chart-topping single ‘Sing’, which had everyone singing everywhere. With its catchy beat and clever, fast-paced lyrics, X was highly anticipated to see what the talented guitarist would be bringing to the table.

Throughout the album, there’s a song for every mood: ‘Tenerife Sea’ melts your heart, you almost feel like Sheeran is singing you into his arms. Whether you’re single or deeply in love, this song is guaranteed to make you smile.

The final song on the album, ‘Afire Love’, is a tearjerker in itself; if you listen closely to the lyrics and how they are sung, you can feel the emotion in Sheeran’s vocals and before you know it, you’ll be blubbing on the floor, with tissues in one hand and chocolate in the other. It’s a heartbreaking song that anyone can relate to.

All in all, X is Sheeran’s best work yet, but with it still being the early days of his career, who knows what he will bring to us next. With the way things are looking, Ed Sheeran is scheming towards world domination, armed with just his guitar throughout the whole journey.  As we thoroughly enjoy his witty lyricism and infectious beats in this cheeky album, we’re all secretly waiting to see where he takes us next…

TOP TRACKS: ‘Tenerife Sea’; ‘Don’t’; ‘Runaway’

FOR FANS OF: Jamie T; Ben Howard


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