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Single review: BBC Artists' Cover 'God Only Knows'

Single review: BBC Music – ‘God only knows’

God Only Knows what we'd do without the BBC...

Various Artists ― God Only Knows (BBC Music)

god_only_knows_bbcThe BBC celebrates their love of music with the release of a fantastic cover of ‘God only knows’, originally made famous by The Beach Boys. In spirit this is a sequel to the 1997 Children in Need single ‘Perfect Day’, which while a massive success at the time, pales in comparison to this latest release. ‘Perfect Day’ was hugely successful in financial terms, raising more than £2million for charity and staying at number one in the charts in Ireland for seven weeks, achieving the accolade of Christmas number one. 

Available on iTunes already, with proceeds once again going to Children In Need, this is set to rocket up the charts, but it has received mixed reviews. The collaboration between Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, the BBC and the large range of artists, is both a tribute to the corporations range of musical coverage and the dedication of the musicians to their art.

This piece is a delight to listen to, with the addition of Elton John returning from ‘Perfect Day’ as a nod to the continuation of BBC Music as a dominant power in the British music industry. They have collected arguably some of the best artists of the day, including chart sensations, classical musicians, Bollywood stars and even One Direction. While I am not a fan myself I have to admit that their global spread has helped to reassert Britain as a country of musical prowess, as such, their inclusion is a given in this case.

10402569_1483820661890722_8849749358697656276_nIn a similar vein to ‘Perfect Day’ with Lou Reed, Brian Wilson has been given a small part in the finished product which plays brilliantly. It might be nostalgic and it might be a snobbish idea that covers are never as good as the originals. But in this case, Brian Wilson makes this song. He leaves us lingering with his hauntingly melodic line of “God only knows what I’d be without you” to trail out, whilst leaving a sweet ring in our ears.

If this doesn’t make you crack a smile, you may have a heart of stone. BBC Music have achieved a piece of sublime musical beauty that even Jake Bugg’s weak “lalala” can’t ruin…

Watch the video for ‘God Only Knows’ below:


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