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Phishing Emails

Students at the University of Portsmouth are being warned about phishing emails from fraudulent companies asking for personal details.

Some students were caught out by the scam earlier in the year and as a result, the University is trying to raise awareness of the problem to prevent further victims.

The University has highlighted the importance of keeping your personal information, such as passwords, account names, credit card data and bank account details secret and secure.

A statement from the University’s Information Services reads: “The University email service is underpinned by Google Apps and most phishing emails and spam will be filtered out by Google before reaching University in-boxes.

“But no system is perfect at identifying and eliminating spam – it is not an exact science. You can’t stop junk mail coming through your letterbox and you can’t stop spam emails.

“But individual account holders can be vigilant – especially when a spam, or phishing, email attempts to trick them into revealing personal information.

“The rule is never give away your personal information – like passwords, account name, credit card data, bank account details etc. A nice person would never ask you to reveal this.

Information Services ask that any student who receives such an email either does not open it, or does not respond to it.

Under no circumstances should the student follow any links that may be included in the email.

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