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Art Graduate Chosen for National Campaign

A University of Portsmouth art graduate has been chosen to have his work displayed at train stations across the UK.

Oliver Tubbs is one of just 20 graduates nationwide to have their work showcased as part of a national campaign held by Creative Review.

The magazine’s talent spotting initiative aims to highlight up and coming art and design prospects from universities and colleges across the country.

Oliver, whose chosen work is called Nexus Pt II, said: “I’m thrilled to have been chosen to be part of this campaign.

“It’s really exciting to have my work on display where thousands of people can see it. It’s a huge honour and great boost so early on in my career.”

Oliver’s work can be seen on screens in all stations across London and in Brighton until Sunday.

It will also be displayed at numerous other railway stations nationwide, from Manchester to Birmingham and Cardiff.

The campaign by Creative Review, in association with Creative Translation, is being shown on screens which are part of the digital network run by an outdoor advertising company.

All of Oliver’s images will be captioned with his name and the university he attended: the University of Portsmouth.

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