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University of Portsmouth Ranked First for ‘Sugar Daddy’ App Use

The University of Portsmouth has been ranked first in the UK for students using ‘Sugar Daddy’ apps to fund their studies.

A survey of the dating app Seeking Arrangements found that 216 University of Portsmouth students signed up to the app this year.

The app makers believe the high cost of university fees and accommodation in the UK is forcing students to look at new ways of making money.

While there is also evidence to suggest that fewer students are entering full time employment while studying.

The survey comes a year after studies showed that one in five students had considered working in the sex industry, while one in 20 had worked in glamour modelling, stripping or prostitution.

Seeking Arrangements claims it now has almost a quarter of a million UK students on its books, a 40 per cent growth on last year.

The app aims to pair wealthy men with younger women.

Users of the app are keen to distance it from the perception of prostitution.

They are keen to point out that nothing is expected of the young women and they do not have to do anything they don’t want to.

One user said: “Sometimes there is an expectation of sex. But they usually say it straight away.

“But if that is not what I want, that is not what I am going to do. But if they are attractive or whatever and you wouldn’t mind, then why not.”

The University of Portsmouth topped the charts with 216 users, followed by the University of Kent on 212 users.

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