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LIVE: Union Elections 2016

Welcome to The Galleon’s coverage of the University of Portsmouth Sabbatical Officers and Student Officers results announcements.

Stay with us throughout the evening to find out your new President, VP Welfare and Community, VP Activities, VP Sport, VP Education and Democracy, Womens Officer, Environment Officer, Good Governance Officer, Disabled Officer, LGBT+ Officer, International Officer, European Officer, Mature Students Officer and BAME Officer.

Key points:

  • The results of this year's Sabbatical Officer elections are announced tonight as well as the Student Officer election results.
  • Candidates have been campaigning all week for your vote after taking part in gruelling days of question time.
  • The candidates for VP Activities are; Orion Brooks, Jack Latoy, Clem Efevawer-Omowutu and Alexandra Paschali.
  • The candidates for VP Education and Democracy are; Kacper Bochen, Oludolapo Bolaji, Harry Eastwell and Ailar Suley
  • The candidates for VP Sport are; Ben Conway, David Hillier, Terry Singh, Musa Okanda and Rong Cheng
  • The candidates for VP Welfare and Community are; Jamie Mitchell, Samual Waite, Babatunde Dosumu, Chris Poad and Bethany Moody
  • The candidates for President are;  Ollie Hill, James Belmonte, James Thompson, David Ayton, Kyle Wesley and Bo Sun Lam
  • The candidates for Womens Officer are; Luke Freeman and Montana Scarlett
  • The candidates for Disabled Officer are; Josh Robertson
  • The candidates for LGBT+ Officer are; Lauren Neale
  • The candidates for Mature Student Officer are; Tim Williamson
  • The candidates for Good Governance Officer are; Priyesh Pankhania
  • The candidates for BAME Student Officer are; Jinyang Li and Han Lu
  • The candidates for International Student Officer are; Puwayi Chiutsu and Rubie Target-Takema
  • The candidates for Environment Officer are; Daniel Morris and Edward Ryalls
  • The candidates for European Student Officer are; Iasonas Michailidis.
  • There is no candidate for Post-Grad Student Officer or Part-Time Student Officer
  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    Elections 2016

    Thats a wrap! After months of tireless campaigning, rigorous interviewing and scrutiny, elections are over! Like David Dimbleby at the end of a busy elections night, its time to put your feet in and get behind the new team. Thank you ver much for following the blog. Keep tuned on the Galleon website and the paper for election interviews and reaction, and we’ll be back on Sunday for Varsity.

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    Elections 2016

    Everyone is back on stage now your Sabb team for next year are as follows:

    President- James Belmonte

    VP Sport- Ben Conway

    VP Welfare & Community- Bethany Moody

    VP Activities- Alexandra Paschali

    VP Education & Democracy- Oludolapo Bolaji

    There’s your team, roll on 2016!

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    President Reaction

    Belmonte: “Thank you everyone for voting, my campaign team have been excellent.”

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    President Result 2016

    The new President for 2016/17, a huge results, with 1,676 votes, its James Belmonte!

    Huge result here tonight.

    No rivalries here apparently, a great bunch of candidates, commiserations to the runners up.

    Runners Up:

    6- With 468 votes… Kyle Wesley

    5- With 535 votes… David Ayton

    4- With 648 votes… Bo Sun Lam

    3- With 884 votes… James Thompson

    2- With 1,541 votes… Ollie Hill

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    Elections 2016

    Welcome back to The Student Elections 2016!

    Its the big one, the results for 2016/17 President. This employment will eclipse any news coming out from Newcastle regarding a certain Mr Benitez. With no returning officer, this ones wide open.

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    Halftime Show

    Did someone say Super Bowl? There’s a gap in proceedings and we are entertained with some great dancing.

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook


    We’re going to another 10 minute break here at elections. When we return, its the big one, as your President will be announced. Keep tuned to the blog for what has been a surprising elections night 2016.

  • by Bex Edwards

    VP Welfare and Community Result 2016:

    Congratulations to…. Bethany Moody who has become the new VP for Welfare and Community with 1,293 votes.

    She said: “I’m genuinely, incredibly shocked and I am so grateful to everyone to who voted to me and I know I can make a difference. A massive thank you to my fiancé who has supported me and everyone else!”

    Runners Up:

    5- With 309 votes… Babatunde Dosumu

    4- With 365 votes… Samuel White

    3- With 859 votes… Jamie Mitchell

    2- With 1,245 votes… Chris Poad

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    VP Activities Result 2016

    The new VP for Activities in a very charged room is, with 1526 votes, is Alex Paschali!

    A friendly rivalry between the candidates.

    Alex on the phone: “Thank you everyone for voting.”

    She leaves a stage of candidates who feel gutted, tough for the two up there, commiserations.

    VP Activities Result

    Runners Up:

    3066 votes cast

    4- Clem Efevawere-Onowutu with 506 votes

    3- Orion Brooks with 773

    2- Jack Latoy with 964

  • by Bex Edwards

    VP Sports Result 2016:

    Our new VP  for Sports 16/17 is Ben ‘Up’ Conway who won  1,324 votes with his cute little brownie number!

    Ben who was brought to tears said: “Thank you to everyone who helped out, Bernie and Paris especially, thank you!”

    Runners Up:

    5- Rong Cheng with 442 votes

    4- Musa Okanda with 702 votes

    3- Terry Singh with 883 votes

    2- David Hillier with 1,245 votes

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    VP Education and Democracy Result 2016

    The new VP for Education and Democracy is, with 1,259 votes, Oludolapo Bolaji, a very popular winner it seems.

    Oludolapo: “I didn’t plan a speech, I want to thank everyone who supported me, the sharing, all the screaming, thank you very much.”

  • by Bex Edwards

    Student Group Funding Announcement:

    There was 2 options available for this:

    1st- For groups to apply for a funding pot

    2nd- For each group to receive a percentage based on their funding costs

    The results were…. with  1,479 votes groups will receive a percentage based on their funding costs.

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    NUS referendum announcement

    2,703 votes were cast and with 2,341 votes, we will stay affiliated with the NUS!

    The NUS represents 70,000 students and they tackle huge issues like tuition fees.

  • by Bex Edwards

    Welcome Back...

    Welcome back to The Student Elections 2016!

    Coming up.. we will be hearing announcements on the NUS referendum, Student Group funding and finding out who has secured a VP role this year.

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    Elections 2016

    There will be a short 10 minute interval in proceedings now, be sure to come back to the blog then for coverage of the VP results.

  • by Bex Edwards

    Women's Student Officer Result 2016:

    Congratulations to…. Montana Scarlett who becomes our new Women’s Officer after receiving  2,097 votes!

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    Mature Students Officer Result 2016

    2016/17’s mature student officer is Tim Williamson with 2,116 votes, congratulations Tim!

  • by Bex Edwards

    LGBT+ Student Officer Result 2016:

    Congratulations to Lauren Neale who has become our new LGBT+ Officer after winning with 2,308 votes!

    She said: “I feel really happy and I look forward to working with the other candidates.”

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    International Students Officer Result 2016

    Congratulations to… Rubie Targema-Takema

    Commiserations to runner up Puwayi Chiutsu, who thanks his campaign team for their hard work.

  • by Bex Edwards

    Good Governance Officer Result 2016:

    Winning with 2,997 votes, congratulations to…. Priyesh Pankhania!

    He said: “I feel happy and thank you for everyone who has supported me.”

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    European Students Officer Result 2016

    Iasonas Michailidis is your European student officer for 2016 with 2,555 votes.

    Iasonas: “feeling very happy, I want to thank everyone who voted for me, my girlfriend who help me in the campaign, and every single candidate, you’re all amazing, I can’t wait to work with you.”

    Congratulations Iasonas

  • by Bex Edwards

    Enviroment Student Officer Result 2016

    Congratulations to… Dan Morris who won with 1,441 votes out of a possible 2,820

    Dan:  Yeah I feel pretty good!

    Edwards: I want to thank dan for running a really sportsman like campaign, there was never any friction. Well done Dan!

    2,820 votes

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    Disabled Student Officer Result 2016

    Congratulations… Joshua Robertson who wins with 2,261 votes!

    Josh: “its been great being the disabled officer for 2015/16 and it will be great to do it again next year as well, I can’t wait to work with you all again.”

  • by Bex Edwards

    BAME Student Officer Result 2016

    Congratulations to…..  Jinyang Li who wins with 1,240 votes!

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    Elections 2016

    Nick Johnson: “Welcome to Results night 2016, I can’t believe we’re here finally”

    Rebecca Beard thanks the 5600 students who voted this week, and the candidates campaigns and everyone who helped out.

  • by Oskar Scarsbrook

    Elections 2016

    After a hard week of campaigning its all come down to this, Student Elections Result Night 2016. Follow the live blog throughout the night to keep updated with results.

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