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Varsity 2016: Portsmouth’s New National Sport is Ultimate Frisbee

Portsmouth dominated both men’s and women’s ultimate Frisbee at Varsity on Sunday, winning 8-3 and 12-5 respectively to assert their dominance over the home side.

From the opening stages of the women’s match it was clear who the more well-drilled side were in defence and attack.

Pompey were all over the hosts, using their superior speed and technical ability to routinely pressurise Southampton deep in their own half.

It became a regular occurrence that the visitors’ tight marking of Southampton’s players would lead to their loss of possession in dangerous positions.

This happened numerous times in the opening stages and on five occasions Pompey made no mistake in receiving the Frisbee inside the end-zone to race into an early lead.

From here it was a difficult task for the home side to force themselves back into the match as Portsmouth continued to assert their dominance.

A number of times the visitors created chances out of nothing, launching throws from half way which were athletically caught in the end zone. There was nothing the home side could do in reply.

Eventually the match ended 12-5 which was a fair representation of proceedings as the women swapped places with their male counterparts.

The men’s game was slightly tighter than the first match with Pompey having to do more to break through Southampton’s defensive line than during the women’s game.

Nevertheless, some impressive defence-splitting throws from deep created opportunities for the away side to score and Pompey raced into an early 4-0 lead.

The hosts began to come back into the match and scored soon after Portsmouth to reduce the deficit slightly.

However, it was the visitors who continued to impose themselves on the match and consolidated their lead as the match went on.

Eventually the game ended 8-3 which earned Pompey a clean-sweep of the Ultimate Frisbee fixtures, one of the few sports the visitors dominated across the whole day.

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