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UoP Rowing Club Beat the French in Virtual Race

Thar She Rows...

The University of Portsmouth Rowing Club successfully beat a ferry to France in a virtual race on the 23rd March in the Students Union. The event raised money for two charities, Row2Recovery and Headway.

The aim of the charity race was to beat the Brittany ferry from Portsmouth too Caen. To do this, the club set up three rowing machines and a tracker to chart the progress of the ferry.

There were no worries of anyone getting seasick, with the University team completing the 195km in an impressive 4 hours and 40 minutes, wiping the floor with the ferry.

An impressive effort from everyone involved in the race. One of Brittany Ferries fleet usually weighs around 30,000 tones and travels at around 22 knots, so the team knew a colossal effort would have to be made from their rowers to beat the ship.

After the win club secretary, Jordan Bishop told us a bit more about the charity they were raising money for. “We managed to raise £150 on the day plus £350 through donations. This money goes to Row2Recovery (helping injured soldiers) and Headway (Brain injury).”

Brittany Ferries are of course yet to comment on the loss. You can still donate to the charities at

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