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UOP Mountaineering and Climbing Club Hoping to Capatalise on Tokyo 2020 Inclusion


Feeling inspired after Rio 2016? Want to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? It’s not too late! Well, maybe it is, but there’s never been a better time to start climbing than now!

Climbing history was made this year after the Olympic committee in Rio announced that it’s now one of five new official Olympic sports.

Bouldering, lead and speed climbing have been added to the Olympic bill, and with it a chance for the sport to grow and attract many new climbers.

Going into the next Olympiad, Great Britain currently boast the best female boulderer in the world, Shauna Coxsey. Coxsey won the 2016 Climbing World Cup overall after victories in Innsbruck, Chongqing, Kazo and Meiringen, and is already a hot tip for gold come Tokyo 2020.

Great Britain currently boast the best female boulderer in the world, Shauna Coxsey

However, with its addition to the Olympic calendar, Coxsey is bound to face far more opposition as the sport becomes bigger.


The club caters to all abilities, whether you’ve never stepped foot near a climbing centre or you’ve been scaling the walls since birth, we’ll provide you with all the gear you need to get off the floor and onto the walls.

But with this new inspiration the club are looking to expand. Future plans include summer bouldering trips

With this new inspiration the club are looking to expand

The club are not just about the climbing though (although it is pretty important). The club are eager to get others involved in the sport whether it’s participation or just observation as the profile of climbing goes from strength to strength during the build up to Tokyo 2020.



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