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Why I Unsubscribed To Gigi Gorgeous

Why I Unsubscribed From Gigi Gorgeous

It's the End of an Era.

She’s funny, beautiful, smart and has literally zero for priorities.

Gone are the days of watching the glamazon that is Gigi Gorgeous living her fancy pants, party-girl life in weekly instalments. I’m over it. Officially.

For anybody who doesn’t really care about the ‘Internet Famous’, Gigi Gorgeous is a YouTube personality with a following of over two million subscribers on both her YouTube and Instagram accounts.

But the run-of-the-mill beauty vlogger really only became popular on the video-sharing site when she began documenting her transition from male to female.gigi-gorgeous

It was in sharing these intimate and sometimes painful moments of becoming the women she was born to be that I fell head over heels for her. The kid had spunk, she was grounded and that’s the Gigi I subscribed to.

But the girl changed. She went from being plucky and full of adolescent celerity to indulging herself on a vanity fuelled rampage. How relatable is somebody who calls up D-list publications to film them walking in to a nightclub? Answer: not very.

I didn’t like that. But I asked myself whether or not I would behave the same way in her position, at which point I realised exactly how far removed I am from somebody like Gigi Gorgeous and how far she’s removed from the real world.

“Her persona is so far removed from real world issues that it became clear that her struggle as a transgender woman was actually quite minimal.”

It became clear that, even before YouTube, Gigi was super rich. She’s from a super rich Canadian family. It was her super rich Canadian mother and super rich Canadian father that bought her all the makeup she needed to start her super rich beauty guru channel.

All you need do is look back through her videos to see her, clad in the finest silk pyjamas and 30 inch real human hair extensions, giving you a Christmas tour of her family’s mansion.

She shows you her new Chanel purse and a multitude of jewels, too. But only after prefacing the show of wealth by telling us that she thinks it’s more important to be giving during the festive season, which some of us might struggle to believe.

And it was in this that I began to question her credibility as a “real” person. Her persona is so far removed from real world issues that it became clear that her struggle as a transgender woman was actually quite minimal.

Gigi* (*read: super rich Canadian family) had no trouble funding her transition and she was obviously widely accepted by her family. I love that. I wish it were the case universally, truly. But it’s not.

Most people are aware of how difficult it is to transgender individuals to transition. The only ones unaware are the speedily-transitioned privileged few – take the entire cast of I Am Cait schooling Caitlyn Jenner as proof of that.

This is exactly why I wasn’t shocked by what happened to Gigi in Dubai and even less shocked by her response.

Gigi was subject to heart-breaking levels of discrimination when she was denied entry into Dubai and detained only for the sake of her being transgender.

I would have thought that everybody knew the Saudi record on LGBT issues, and almost everybody does. Everybody except Gigi Gorgeous, it seems.

And whilst it is definitely fair to assume, and what I personally believe, that living free from discrimination is a 21st century right, it clearly is not. Gigi’s ignorance does not mean that she deserves to be discriminated against. Far from it. It just makes her that little bit less likeable.

The ins and outs are explained on her YouTube channel, so let me offer a whistle-stop tour.

Gigi was recognised by passport control and held in the airport for five hours until she was reunited with LA oil socialite girlfriend, Nats Getty. Afterwards she hopped up on a private jet and about turned to Sweden for a cutesy shopping spree.

The video she posted makes no reference to the treatment of LGBT people in Dubai; it was all about her.

She doesn’t seem at all aware that the reality of thousands of trans individuals is much more severe than being escorted out of a country. Encouraged harassment and an entire lifestyle being made illegal, they simply cannot escape prejudice like she can. Not every LGBT Saudi person can run away.

Whilst Gigi is a victim and doesn’t deserve this maltreatment, the entire incident needs to be looked at with greater perspective to see that nobody deserves it. Not just her.

It’s because of this that I can’t stand behind and praise the bravery of somebody who is so blessed to be safe and at the same time so unaware of it. It has become difficult to agree with her ever-growing vapidity and I will not endorse her self-centred hedonism.

I want to see the decreed ‘Trans Icon’ earn the title. I want her to use her fame, wealth and influence to change hearts and educate people about the transgender reality instead of setting out for a little retail therapy when times get trying. But first she would have to become aware.

Mostly, though, I want to re-Subscribe.

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