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Brangelina – Have We Lost Hope In Love?

It’s the news that shocked the world and has lead us to asking the questions; “Is love a lie?” and “Does love exist anymore?”. It’s the split of the century – Brangelina.

News of the split has us all thinking about celebrity love; is it a facade that is scripted for the cameras to capture the prettiest and ugliest moments so that celebs can remain in the limelight? Or is it the same love that we feel, only with the aspect of mass media coverage thrust in the way of them?

A lot of relationships nowadays are made more public due to the likes of social media and the age old word of mouth. But as non-celebs, the rest of us aren’t followed around by the paparazzi every time we exit the house.

If you can sit there and begin to imagine what it must be like to run out of milk for your morning coffee only to pop to your local shop to get more, just for it to be turned into something a lot bigger than your daily caffeine fix.

Almost every girl out there would throw on a pair of joggers, toss their hair into a bun and leave without even thinking about putting on a slap of make-up, but this would be a whole different story for the likes of Angelina Jolie.

She would be branded tired, ill, having difficulties in her marriage, struggling to cope with her kids- the list is endless. The ‘paps’ can make a story out of nothing, which must cause unimaginable strain on a pair of A-listers.

It would be foolish to assume that it wasn’t something behind closed doors that was the contributing factors to Jolie filing for divorce. But, when looking at it the other way, it all seemed heavily planned when the news of the split was dropped.

Could she and her PR team have worked closely with the media before they delivered the news to the world? It’s possible and shouldn’t be rejected as an option, which makes it seem even more like a money-making, publicity scheme.

The way they both got together, while Pitt was still married to Jennifer Anniston, hit the world stage like a storm and it’s been a rollercoaster ride from there on out.

The evidence presents itself: we shouldn’t base our knowledge of love upon what we see through a paparazzi’s tiny camera lens, especially when its a glance into a world-renowned relationship.

We should never wish our relationships, present or future, to be like that of celebrity’s. We’re only setting ourselves up for disaster with an unrealistic expectation of love. Nobody’s life pans out like a movie script and there are so many other things going on behind the cameras that we aren’t disclosed to.

It’s nice to dream about what could be perfect but, in reality, nothing is ever plain sailing. There are going to be unexpected bumps along the way but we should never stop believing in the reality of true love.

We are all the authors of our own lives, each and every one being unique to us. We will love and be loved in many different ways and just because it doesn’t work out the first time, that doesn’t mean you are destined to be alone.

The world has strange ways of working its wonders.

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