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The Art of Power Dressing

By definition, power dressing is: “the practice of dressing in a style intended to show that one holds an important position in business, politics, etc.”

With the Duchess of Cambridge on the Royal tour of Canada and Hillary Clinton making appearances ahead of the US Presidential Election in November, everyone wants to know what these women will be wearing, where they got it from and the damage a new dress from J. Brand will have on their bank accounts.

The Duchess and Hillary, like many other influential women, are going to be in the public eye; both now and in the future. As these historical moments take place, it has essential for them to know how to utilise style, enabling them to enhance their position in power.

You may not wish to align your style with the likes of Kate and Hillary but, believe it or not, we can all take a page or two from their very own book of fashion tips and tricks. If there’s one thing we know for certain about women in power, it’s that they will make history in these outfits. And so can we.

When deciding which items in your wardrobe are crucial as you accumulate work-wear and power dressing pieces, that one item that you mustn’t go without should 100% be a pretty little tea dress. This has been a favourite of Kate Middleton’s, teamed with a quintessential pair of nude heels or a simple (but practical) pair of ballet pumps.

Topshop currently have an assortment of tea dresses featuring psychedelic floral patterns and animal motifs, which are perfect for the transition between seasons. The unstructured silhouettes of the dresses make them ideal for both formal and casual wear and, no matter how you decide to wear the dress, people will instantly recognise you as being ambitious and powerful.

It’s almost impossible to touch on the subject of power dressing and forget to mention Theresa May and her knack for wearing the most outrageous pair of kitten heels seen to date. Although, for some reason, it just seems to work.

It may seem that many women in politics make a mess when it comes to dressing, but it’s a gentle reminder to the more youthful ladies out there that you can wear whatever you want regardless of the colour, pattern and cut and still be one of the most influential women in the world.

Thanks to May, the high street has become swamped with leopard print ballerinas and abstract monochrome Mary Janes. Hillary Clinton’s iconic pantsuit would perfect the companion to a pair of over the top, statement shoes.

When it comes to dressing for success it is important to remember that it isn’t just the clothing that makes these women powerful, even if they do seem completely fluent in fashion. Achievement does not come from a nice pair of heels or a well fitted suit, but from working hard throughout university and securing success for your future.

Although, it would also seem wise to take advantage of the student discounts available at this time of year – we all need a few knock-out outfits for the new academic year, wouldn’t you agree? So go ahead and dig out your beloved filofax and a nifty little dress and get ready to take on the next year at university.

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