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The Autumn Beauty Edit

‘To ditch or not to ditch one’s summer beauty essentials?’ That is the question on every beauty junkie’s mind this Autumn. The change in climate challenges our attachment to products that, until only a few weeks ago, we couldn’t live without. Is it truly essential to ditch a beauty regime that took the whole of summer to perfect, just because it’s colder outside?

The answer is yes – it is. But not to the extent that you might think. There’s no need to bin your favourite moisturiser any time soon. Instead make subtle changes to your everyday routine to follow the change in beauty aesthetic that Autumn brings, as well as tackle the issues the harsh weather has on your hair and skin.

With regards to skincare, an easy and stress free approach to changing your everyday routine can be as simple as adding an extra step. The change to a colder climate can cause the skin irritation and dry it out, so it’s important to keep on top of your daily moisturising routine.

As resilient as skin is, sometimes moisturising just isn’t enough and your skin needs an extra oomph to get it back to looking plump and radiant. Enter South Korea.

South Korean women have always understood the importance of taking care of their skin, with the average woman having an impressive 8-10 step daily skincare regime. They truly are innovators on the skincare front, but in a Western culture, where women barely have time to draw on their eyebrows, there is certainly no time for a 10 step daily routine. We need a lazy girl’s guide to moisture rich skin – and that’s essence lotion.

Typically used after applying toner, essence lotion acts as a pre-step to moisturising. It’s designed with the purpose of prepping the skin for your moisturiser to aid absorption, whilst also applying a secondary layer of moisture. Though at first glance it does seem odd to need to prep the face with a moisturising product when you could just apply moisturiser, it really does work.

It’s advised that to notice the difference you must use the product for a minimum of two weeks, although dry to very dry skin types should probably see a difference a lot sooner. It can also benefit oily skin types, but is suggested to be used only when your skin needs an added boost. As the K-beauty trend has stormed the Western beauty industry in the past few years it’s become more widely available – no need to panic about international shipping costs.

Due to K-beauty haircare trends not quite taking off in the UK, the inevitable loss of sun kissed highlights and beach waves is not the job for South Korean Snail Gel. Saying goodbye to your summer hair is never easy, but the transition doesn’t have to be scary if done correctly.

Changing your colour from light to dark sounds easy. You don’t have to bleach your hair or anything nasty, so why would there be an issue? The answer is sun damage. If you were one of the clever students who saved some of their loan last year, no doubt you went on holiday somewhere hot. Whilst your hair may show no visible sign of deterioration, it’s still been subjected to a change in climate and possible sun damage. It’s a well-known fact that dye never fully takes to damaged hair. However, restoring nourishment to your hair isn’t as difficult as you may think.

All it takes is a regular trim to your ends, a hair masque once every two washes, and organic oils on the ends. It may sound like a lot of effort, but the results will be worth it when your hair looks as shiny as pre-platinum Kylie Jenner.

Whether you decide to completely throw out your summer beauty staples or stick to your guns, the most important thing to remember is that beauty should be personal. You never have to change a thing if it works for you.

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