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Where Do the Left Go From Here?

To quote the golden haired, billionaire, president-elect himself: “what the hell is going on here?”

Though Trump himself has said this in relation to immigration and ISIS (dozens of times), it is a phrase that could pretty much sum up this year in politics. First Brexit, then Theresa May and now Trump. The final piece of the nastiest jigsaw puzzle ever assembled.

(Picture Cedit: Gage Skidmore, Flickr)

(Picture Cedit: Gage Skidmore)

With the left looking increasingly hopeless and out-of-touch, corporate America somehow continues to thrive. As Clinton’s loss demonstrates, people are tired of the establishment. The real question is as to how the likes of Farage and Trump manage to convince so many working class people that they are anti-establishment. Small loans of a million dollars and ridiculous EU MEP salaries aside, sure, Trump and Farage are veritable average Joes…

But we must ask how the left is failing to capitalise on the working class alienation from establishment politics. The media may jump on Corbyn’s case should he dare to breathe in the vicinity of a war memorial, but with social media overtaking print media, the left is running out of excuses for its failure.

“With the left looking increasingly hopeless and out-of-touch, corporate America somehow continues to thrive.”

Association with New Labour and the Clintons has hindered the left of the UK and USA to a considerable degree. Surely, it is time for the Democrats and the Labour Party to stop with the ‘yes’ men and women that stand in the way of genuine progression. Enabling the right to win in the way that they currently are is dangerous for migrants, the LGBT community, women, those in poverty; the list is almost endless.

How those on the left-wing can win people over is sensible discussion, rational debate and genuine consideration of the issues. Of course, in general the left is equally sick of the corporate fat-cats and big-wigs, but siding with them has enabled the biggest of wigs (please don’t sue, Donald) to become leader of the free world.

I’m sure everything will eventually be okay though, provided Donald hasn’t been given the nuclear codes yet. If he has, then at least we still have Joe Biden and Barack Obama memes to see us into the apocalypse.

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