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Be In The Red This Christmas

The red lipstick is more than just a pretty scarlet pout painted upon one’s mouth.  It has been a childhood memory for many women, remembering her mother apply her favourite shade of red every morning before the school run, whilst dreaming of the day she would have one of her own. With red lipsticks now coming in a variety of shades and finishes it is not difficult to see why it is the most popular cosmetic in the world to date. However, it has undeniably become increasingly difficult to find a shade of red to match the undertones of a woman’s skintone, hair and eyes.  

For those with a fair complexion it is advised that muted blue toned reds flatter the skin. However, the shade of red making a comeback for porcelain is the modern orange red. When wearing the bright lip against pale skin, lashings of mascara or a smokey eye help bring the whole look together rather than the attention being solely on the lips. Something like NYX’s Butter lipstick in the shade Hot Tamale, a bold orange with red hues. Alternatively, the ultimate red-blue coveted by many beauty bloggers is MACs Ruby Woo, a truely deep blue-red with a matte finish, so plenty of lip balm and exfoliating the lips will be needed before using this lipstick.  

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The orange-red isn’t only for those with porcelain skin, working perfectly on people who have darker undertones to their skin. Blue tone reds should be avoided, due to them looking too harsh and bold against the skin. However, makeup artist KJ Bennett believes red should not be segregated for different skin types. Women with any complexion should be able to wear whichever shade of red they wish. Similarly to the red shades for those with pale skin, MACs Ruby Woo is the perfect blue-red, paired with a sweep of bronzer and a sparkly eye this glamorous look will be perfect for the holiday season.

Now for those with the deepest deep, neutral skin tones. Orange-reds, blue-reds and berry reds are spectacular on the skin due to the golden, brown undertones in their complexions. Celebrities including Kerry Washington, Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson sport red lips all the time, the trick is to know how to work with the products. A crisp red lip liner should be imperative for all bold lipsticks. Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat in Kiss ‘n’ Tell is the secret weapon to a perfect pout, allowing the lips to be reshaped and enhancing the longevity of the chosen lipstick.


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Choosing the shade is not the only thing to worry about when selecting the perfect red, though.  Other features have to be taken into account, like the texture and finish. Darker skinned women should try to avoid wearing reds that have either a matte or satin finish as it can often leave the skin looking dull and dry, so either a red gloss or creme finish will leave the skin with an instant glow. 

Red is the sexiest colour to add to any look, being the equivalent to slipping on a pair of heels or a demure dress. It really should not have to be a laborious task in finding the perfect red, but it makes all the difference. So grab the sexiest dress you own and be prepared to paint the town red.

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