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Hunt To Receive Windfall Amidst NHS “Humanitarian Crisis”

The NHS has gone toe to toe with the Red Cross after the charity said there is a “humanitarian crisis” in hospitals in England.

Both the NHS directors and the Prime Minister Theresa May have disputed the claim made by the Red Cross.

During a heated clash with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Ministers Questions, Mrs May called the description “irresponsible and overblown.”

An NHS England director also disputed the claim but admitted that demand and pressure on the service was higher than ever.

The British Red Cross has works in more than 20 A&E departments across the UK, supporting the NHS and provides transport for patient to ease the pressure on the ambulance service.

Horror stories of patients waiting long hours and having to organise makeshift beds have saturated the news lately.

Following the post Christmas, A&E crisis, Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt scrapped his four-hour waiting time target for all health problems, rephrasing the promise to sort out all urgent health problems.

The BBC have also acquired data suggesting that only one trust hit this target in the first week of 2017.

This followed the news that more than four in ten hospitals declared a major alert during the first week of 2017 due to high demand for the service and other mounting pressures.

Amidst the crisis it has been revealed that Hunt will land a £15 million bonus from the sale of Hotcourses, an education company he helped set up in 1996, which is on the verge of being sold for up to £35 million.

Theresa May has also urged GP surgeries to make more of an effort in light of the building pressures, and make more of an effort to provide a seven-day service. This is due to more patients going to A&E departments because they could not get GP appointments.

The government backed this message up with the threat that if GP’s did not commit to the plan, their funding would be cut.

The British Medical Association responded to the government, accusing ministers of “scapegoating” doctors.

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