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The End of The Big Brother House?

An All-Star Does Not a Celebrity Make

Celebrity Big Brother has begun its nineteenth season with new and returning housemates and a fresh Art-Pop style.

In full, this year’s house has so far consisted of:

  • Jessica Cunningham (The Apprentice Contestant)
  • Chloe Ferry (Georgie Shore star)
  • Kim Woodburn (How Clean is Your House star)
  • Jedward (Wow, remember them?)
  • Nicola McQueen (Glamour Model)
  • Bianca Gasciogne (Nicola McQueen understudy)
  • Calum Best (Also a model)
  • Jasmine Waltz (Megan Fox lookalike)
  • Jamie O’hara (Footballer)
  • James Jordan (Strictly Come Dancer)
  • Speidi (Two people, apparently)
  • Coleen Nolan (That woman whose name you can never seem to remember)
  • James Cosmo (Jeor “Old Bear” Mormont, Ex-Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch)
  • Stacy Francis (Singer & Actress)
  • Angie Best (Former model, mother of housemate Calum Best)
  • Austin Armacost (CBB 2015 Contestant)
  • Chloe Ferry (Literal trash)
  • Jessica Cunningham (Didn’t win The Apprentice)
  • Kim Woodburn (Don’t start with me)

For the first time in Celebrity Big Brother history, two housemates have already walked out. Former pornstar and now rapper Ray-J left the house after complaining of severe tooth pains before passing out. It was later said that he will not be returning to the show. As well as Ray-J, British DJ Brandon Block walked away due to feeling miserable after only a week in the house.

This year’s show is being presented by Emma Willis and former X-factor contestant Rylan but any season of Celebrity Big Brother can only be as interesting as the celebrities inside.

Looking at this year’s contestants, it would appear that the latest criteria for being a celebrity is to be on television. This may or may not be related to the steady yet severe decline Celebrity Big Brother had suffered in terms of popularity, but it certainly hasn’t helped.

So what should constitute being a celebrity? Is appearing on national television in front of millions of people no longer enough? Or are we just picky? And more importantly, if the celebrities aren’t interesting enough, would you prefer Big Brother raised his standard of guests or closed the house altogether?

There’s only one way to find out if it’s worth a look or not… make your mum watch it and if she can sit through it, then maybe give it a try.

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