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The Most Outrageous Celebrity Gifts

When buying for friends and relatives, the average student tends to flock towards charity shops and the dreaded Primark. With these shops being all that university students can normally afford, it comes as something of a heart attack to hear about the extraordinary purchases of our older, richer counterparts. Whilst many of us may be at university in order to one day achieve the heights of celebrity stardom, knowing that people can have this amount of spare cash, let alone be able to spend it on trivial items, is almost impossible to believe. And yet absurd celebrity gift giving, both Christmas and otherwise, are no other than the stone cold truth.

The most bizarre of these celebrity gifts must come in the form of Katy Perry’s present to Russell Brand. The singer offered him a $200,00 trip to space. While this trip may seem astronomically different to our Lynx-box-set expecting minds, both financially and logistically, Perry actually had the foresight to send the foul-mouthed comedian into the stratosphere, where many readers would like him to be.

From the absurd to the just plain extravagant, you’d think that a trip into space would be cheaper than a quick scrub in the shower, wouldn’t you? According to Mike Tyson, apparently not. Even though it’s only decades since baths were tin and used in the living room, Mr Tyson handed his wife, Robin Givens, a $2 million bath tub for Christmas. All this from the man who literally owned a tiger. The bath tub did not come with in built rose-water and chamomile bubble bath. No moment of calm relaxation is surely worth that amount of money.

If that isn’t enough to astobrad-pitt-waterfallnish your bank account, celebrities have even purchased the supposedly unbuyable, having bought their way into geographical features too. Of these, including Victoria Beckham’s vineyard, the most extraordinary of these has to be Angelina Jolie’s gift to her then-husband, Brad Pitt. No, it was not good enough to take Pitt to view this natural beauty, instead he now owns it. What do you do with your own personal waterfall in California? Shower in it, bathe in its waters? Whatever they did in it was much more interesting than Tyson’s bath tub, anyway.

It begs the question, why would the receiver want any of these ridiculous celebrity spends. Especially if the receiver happens to be Sandra Bullock’s son, Louis, on receiving an original Warhol Painting. Most adults won’t even get the chance to view an original Warhol Painting. Instead, whilst most children are playing with T-rex models and driving plastic cars around the living room, Louis had to sit on Christmas Day staring at a brightly coloured piece of abstract pop art. Whilst he will most likely one day grow up to appreciate Warhol’s great work, it can’t help but be considered that Bullock was purely buying this artefact for her own living room credentials.

In what seems like an attempt to really get in to the Christmas spirit, Aaron Spelling reportedly spent $2 million on flooding his home in Beverly Hills with nothing but fake snow. As students, we are likely to get outraged at having to pay a pound for an artificial Christmas tree from the supermarket, let alone paying millions on a material which will probably be fund underneath the sofa and up the hoover for many months to come. Unless your parents are celebrities, it’s suggested not to put these on your Santa list. For now, carry on shopping at Primark. Who needs a $2 million pound bath tub anyway?

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