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The V-Day Singleton

It’s very easy to get frustrated about being single on the most loved-up day of the year. With soppy cards filling up the shelves, the over emotional posts on social media and the endless amounts of emails giving you the latest gift ideas for the ‘other half’, it can be pretty disheartening. Don’t let it bring you down, though – there is a lot more to look forward to than just discounted chocolates the next day.

Whatever happens, don’t curl up into a blanketed ball, sobbing into your giant pizza whilst watching romantic films by yourself all evening. It certainly won’t help. Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for couples, it’s about the celebration of love in general. The love of your friends and family but, most importantly, yourself. It’s an excellent excuse to treat yourself to a brand new outfit, getting glammed up and grabbing a pal to remind yourselves that having a romantic companion isn’t the meaning of life.

If staying in is what you prefer and you like the idea of a giant pizza and eye candy on your TV screen, then company from another singleton is great help. Put on an endless supply of movies that you can watch easily and have a pamper session. Laughter is a proven mood booster and no-one could say no to hours of staring at their celebrity crush without it being weird.

There are lots of clubs around that specialise in making your night one to remember and for all the right reasons. If you’re feeling in the mood to party and don’t want to be surrounded by people sucking each other’s faces off, then look for clubs that aren’t doing specific Valentine’s parties. Just treat it as any other regular night out and once you have a couple of drinks in your system, you’ll have forgotten the word Valentine altogether. And maybe your own name, depending on how much you drink.

If you like the idea of going out in the evening for some fun but partying isn’t your thing, then the new Fifty Shades film will be released by the 14th. So, if you can handle the possibility of sitting next to a couple who might get a bit too excited about what’s happening on screen, then treat yourself to a ticket. Even if the concept isn’t for you, it makes for great entertainment when looked at through the lens of cringeworthy comedy.

Whatever you choose to do, the day will only make your mood low if you let it. Being single isn’t a bad thing and it shouldn’t be treated as such. You get to focus on you, the most important person in your life. Look at it this way: being single is definitely better for your bank account.

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