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What to Pack for the Perfect Getaway

Now that you’ve booked your holiday it’s time to start thinking about what to pack. Depending on the type of holiday you’re planning, may it be a piss up with some mates in Kavos or whether it be a long trek through the Andes, there’s a fine line between packing light and staying practical whilst still remaining up-to-date with the latest styles.

Backpacking can be one of the toughest holiday’s to pack for. Especially keeping in mind that you may not just carrying your clothes, but equipment to live off of also. The essentials are a must, which will include a toothbrush and toothpaste, avoid electric toothbrushes if you can. When it comes to hair products stick to 2 in 1 shampoos and conditioners, Head n Shoulders is perfect for keeping them healthy locks protected from the sun rays or rainstorms.

With essentials, think about purchasing a small first aid kit, although it’ll more than likely never be used, it’s just precaution. If your holiday consists of multiple destinations do not forget to pack that waterproof coat, and from traveller to traveller, avoid the bulky coat and just pack a hoodie. That way you’ll avoid carrying a coat whilst hoodies are still perfect for them chilly nights.

Girls, if you want to pack your make up then pack the necessities and not your whole contour and bake kit. When it comes to clothes, expect to be carrying a pair of cargo pants, short sleeve t-shirts and walking boots as well as the usual sun screen. But if you want to keep it stylish then head over to H&M for patterned cargo pants and various styles of t-shirts. Not only are the clothes affordable, but they’re also stylish and are up to date with the current trends.

Bold colours and florals are in for summer 2017. Grab yourself a couple of cotton kimonos to keep your shoulders covered from the rays whilst still staying fairly cool. The one item of clothing that’s unavoidable is the dreaded walking shoes, but if you’re not willing to spend £40 on a pair of shoes you will only wear once then look no further than New Look. They do some relatively comfy trainers that will not cripple your feet with blisters. They tend to be roughly £20 a pair, but with a student discount in hand it will be a sure way to keep your feet comfortable and not break the budget.

If you’ve booked a summer holiday with the girls, then expect to not be packing lightly. It’s more or less a legal requirement for girls to over pack for a party holiday. No girls’ holidays is complete without a suitcase full of bikinis, but attempt to limit yourself to roughly seven outfits which can be mixed and matched so that there’s always a little bit of manoeuvrability.

What do you use on a daily basis? The trick is to limit yourself to the bare necessities.

If planning a weekend away with your other half try to make decisions as a pair. Once again, though, you are most likely to over pack and regret including half of what you’ve brought. But whether it’s a weekend away in England or abroad, a great method to keep in mind when packing is make sure not to include any more than what you would on a daily basis. The trick is to limit yourself to your basic necessities and not a curling iron which you use once a year. Hair products tend to be the weak point for a lot of men and women. Natural hair is the best way to go on holiday, but if you do find your hair is doing unexpected things on holiday then invest in a pair of mini straighteners and some frizz treatment and all hair problems will be a thing of the past.

When trying to pack light, just remember a key tip: Summer clothes tend to be lighter and do not take up as much space as winter clothes, so try to avoid the bulky jumpers and jeans and stick to floral skirts and crop tops for a stress free packing session. Do not forget you can always buy more clothes out on holiday.

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