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7 Tips for Holidaying on a Student Budget

"Being a student means I can't afford a holiday" - think again!

It is common knowledge that your student loan will not cover your rent but will somehow fuel your drinking habits until you’re drowning in your overdraft and not vodka and mixer. Many students cannot afford more than one food shop a month and will resort to a Wetherspoons breakfast as a frequent luxury. That being said, holidaying abroad on a student budget can be a possibility; a glorious indulgence of the finer things in life, for a fraction of the price.

Holidaying is a vital part of your early 20s; a chance to relax, absorb foreign cultures and bask in the tranquillity and essence of a new country. For those who like to visit colourful street markets, bury their toes in idyllic sandy beaches or explore the depths of a city you’ve yet to discover, holidaying abroad does not need to be expensive. Here are some top tips on finding your perfect holiday on a student budget:

Search for sponsored offers on Facebook for inspiration on flight details and the most desired holiday destinations to help you decide on a city, beach or adventure holiday. Use SkyScanner, a UK based website that quickly compares all airlines around your selected date to give you the best price possible. It will be sure to provide you with the cheapest priced options through to the most expensive. July 2017 saw flights to Venice starting at £71. Similarly, flights to Germany in the weeks leading up to Christmas can start from only £60.

“Weekend breaks, leaving Friday and returning Monday, can also make for wonderful holidays with a prominently lesser cost but still an enjoyable time.”

Avoid choosing the popular holiday resorts. Even though they may be at the top of the list and state 4 stars, stay strong and persevere. Your dream spot may take a little longer to find. Look for different types of accommodation as opposed to a hotel. They can be overpriced and could limit the true holiday motives. A beautiful, pre-erected safari tent in Italy can cost all but £80 for a week (July 2017). A comfortable bed, wardrobe and a fully equipped kitchen allows for a relaxed, but unique, style of holiday.

Unless it is really your ideal preference, try to avoid all-inclusive. It immediately escalates the price and cooking your own favourite foods can be a far more enjoyable experience and add to the holiday atmosphere.

Be willing to consider other options of travel. You can look at whether the ferry or train may be cheaper if it allows you to get to a convenient and good holiday location. It might not allow for the generic ‘window-seat-wing-over-London’ photo, but it could save you plenty of money.

When looking to holiday in England, ‘the more the merrier’ as the saying goes. Going away with lots of friends immediately cuts the cost and will always result in a great, entertaining weekend even in the UK.

Try and avoid school holidays as travel is noticeably cheaper during term times. Weekend breaks, leaving Friday and returning Monday, can also make for wonderful holidays with a prominently lesser cost but still an enjoyable time.

Finally, never turn down a family vacation. Not only will it reduce costs in holidaying as a group, relaxing with your family and friends is still a perfect break from normality – the key necessity when booking a holiday.

Holidaying abroad really need not be a stressful money experience. With so many areas of the world to discover and so many different walks of life to relish in, take every opportunity that comes your way – whilst using helpful resources to cut the cost wherever possible. It really can be as simple as that!

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