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Pray To…Wait, Where’s God Gone? Preacher Season Two – Review

Preacher returns on its quest to destroy The Grail

Preacher ― Amazon Prime

Preacher featured its second season on Amazon Prime over the summer and it returned in all its glory. The team returned to trying to find a missing God, while fending off the forces of the Saint of Killers and a new enemy, The Grail. With a returning cast of Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger, Need For Speed), Ruth Negga (Warcraft: The Beginning, Loving) and Joseph Gilgun (Misfits), fans were raring for the second season to go.

The opening of the first episode begins with a car chase filled with action and comedy, setting up the season for their trip to New Orleans, where most of the plot takes place. God has gone missing and the team must try to find him throughout the sea of chaos that has engulfed the world in his absence. God appears to have enjoyed jazz music, and where better to go than a city famous for it: New Orleans. Their search for God brings about the weird and the wonderful, and you’ll be left questioning the sanity of the writers by the end of the season.

Joseph Gilgun, who you may recognise as Rudy from the UK series Misfits, breaks up the seriousness of the storyline with his hilarity. His character takes the form of a vampire, needing to carry around blood bags to feed from whenever he gets injured during the central character’s mission to find God. Having a connection within New Orleans helped set up a base of operations while the search continued, but the connection turns out to be a French speaking man who doesn’t understand why they are there.

“Their search for God brings about the weird and the wonderful, and you’ll be left questioning the sanity of the writers by the end of the season.”

You may remember a character within the first season of the show called Arseface, who Jessie sentenced to Hell. His story continues within Hell, depicted here very differently to the version of Christian fire pits; it’s more like a high security prison. The management make you relive your worst memory repeatedly for eternity. Fortunately, or not, there has been a problem with the power that has forced the inmates to interact with each other. Hitler among them, they must avoid anything that resembles good people or face the consequences.

The Grail is a new enemy within this second season, a highly secretive militia with the goal of finding God. Jessie and The Grail obviously have a rivalry that can only end badly for both parties involved. With vast resources to aid them, The Grail are an international organisation willing to do anything to find God and will destroy anyone who interferes with their goals. Pip Torrens brilliantly performs the role of Herr Starr, the leader of the organisation, a cold-hearted character hellbent on eliminating Jessie and Genesis.

The writing on the series is a brilliant mixture of humour and action, especially in the opening sequence of episode one which involves a car chase. There are a few locations that are quite repetitive in nature but these are few and far between throughout the show. The characters involved have little in the way of personality, and although it doesn’t take up much screen time, there is an aura of annoyance after the first few sequences of confusion amongst the characters.

“The writing on the series is a brilliant mixture of humour and action”

Overall, I would recommend giving this show a watch, but it isn’t worth the subscription fee to binge if you don’t already have an existing subscription. Preacher will have a third season beginning in May next year which will hopefully expand on The Grail, who have much potential moving into future seasons. The new setting is fitting on the characters and while some of the environments seem forced, it’s nice to see how characters who aren’t central to the show ended up, given the events and plot holes left behind from the previous series. Amazon Prime have done well with the series, creating a quality, if incredibly quirky, piece of viewing entertainment.

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