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The Maker’s Guild: Portsmouth’s Fresh, New Creative Space

The new workspace in the Guildhall aims to provide innovate facilities for graduates

Nestled in a corner of the monumental Guildhall, lies a room bustling with activity and creativity, bringing to life their visions of the future; three 3D printers, a range of power tools, machinery and quiet workstations are all at their disposal. ‘The Maker’s Guild’ on the upper second floor of the Guildhall is made up of a diverse team of artists, engineers and architects to name but a few, who want to reverse the immense lack of community by coming together to share skills and make their visions a reality.

Currently the only place with these kinds of resources is the Anglesea building and those are of course exclusively for Portsmouth students. But after graduation, where do you go? For a small fee, the Maker’s Guild provide a plethora of equipment and resources for all to use including wood, plastics and electronics. But one thing that money can’t satisfy is atmosphere. The warm and exuberant staff are willing to help wherever they can and share their knowledge in a room that feels like an Aladdin’s cave, an inventor’s dream.

There are a number of different memberships currently on offer. £20 will provide you with a full day pass and £10 will allow you half a day. However there is also a £120 monthly membership on offer too, all flexible. For either of these rates you have unlimited access to the studio, split into three; co-working space, workshop area and the tech lab. Not only this but you can explore the groovy 60s music recording studio and other function rooms in the Guildhall. Here, you aren’t bound by a monthly contract as we’re all aware; it doesn’t always suit a student’s lifestyle.

“When you put people in a room from different industries, with different skills and knowledge, innovation happens.”

Sam Asiri, Ming Wu and Gavin Hodson, the three co-founders behind the idea, are well and truly experienced and educated in areas of design and creativity. Sam Asiri graduated in Product Design and Interior Design, Gavin Hodson has experience as a special needs art teacher and Ming Wu, also a graduate in Product Design explained that “When you put people in a room from different industries, with different skills and knowledge, innovation happens. We like to be a space where you just do things” He further stressed the lack of facilities for graduates to turn to, fresh out of university. They have the ideas and skills but not the space and resources.

Within your time here it’s not strictly dedicated to work. You have the chance to play around with the equipment and have fun with the facilities on offer, allowing you to enjoy your time and discover something interesting. It’s this that sets Maker’s Guild apart from other studios on offer. Creativity doesn’t have to be bound by deadlines and hard work to achieve a goal. You aren’t put under these pressures here, giving you the freedom to learn a new skill or even conduct your own experiment.

It’s not just a place for those already established in an art, but for those who want to learn and are willing to put real effort into something brilliant. The future of the Maker’s Guild is bright and Ming Wu hopes to “encourage more people to take up a successful career in their interest”.  It’s a chance to meet new people, from amateurs to experienced designers surrounded by its quirky, uncharted space.

For more information visit the page on the Guildhall website or email

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